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HP hstnn-ib75 Battery12/9/2019

The Hynix PCIe SSD was plenty fast. It achieved 1,173 megabytes per second (MB/s) in the CrystalDiskMark 5 read test and 1,177 in the right test. That’s competitive with the other laptops in our comparison group and plenty fast for everything you’ll ask this laptop to do.

The Swift 7 is going to be a decent performer for productivity work, but if you push it too hard, then you might notice some delay. If you mainly work in a web browser, email, and Office apps, then you’ll probably be fine with the Swift 7’s performance. But if you tend to push things, it’s likely to fall behind.

We already know that the Swift 7 has limited performance thanks to a low-power CPU. Expecting any kind of gaming performance out of the integrated Intel UHD 615 graphics is unrealistic.

Simply put, the Swift 7 isn’t going to be good for anything but the oldest titles and the lightest esports and indie games. It scored a paltry 688 on the 3DMark Fire Strike test, which is at the bottom in our comparison group. And when we ran Fortnite at 1080p and both high and epics graphics, we watched a slideshow at just three frames per second (FPS).

There’s not much more to say. If you want to play more than casual games, then this isn’t the laptop for you.

The 2019 Swift 7 has 32 watt-hours of battery packed inside, which is three watt-hours less than the 2018 version. In spite of the low-power CPU that promises increased battery life, we weren’t too hopeful.

We were surprised at how long the Swift 7 managed to run away from a charger. First, in our most demanding Basemark web benchmark, the Swift 7 ran for a little over three and a half hours. That’s not a spectacular score, and though the battery champion HP Spectre Folio beat it soundly, it’s competitive with the rest of our comparison group.

The Swift 7 has a good chance of staying productive all day long away from a plug.

In our web browsing test that runs through a series of popular web sites until it dies, the Swift 7 managed almost eight hours. Again, that’s not world-beating, and it falls behind the Spectre Folio’s 10 hours, but it’ll last you through the day, most importantly. Finally, when looping our local test 1080p video clip, the Swift 7 lasted for almost 13 hours. That’s a strong score, but again, in different league than the 17 hours managed by the Spectre Folio.

We suspect that the Swift 7 benefits from Acer keeping the performance tamped down. The 2019 version beat the 2018 version in spite of having less battery capacity (albeit a theoretically more efficient CPU), and it has a good chance of staying productive for an entire work day. You’ll just have to accept the compromise of lowered performance for the privilege.
The Swift 7 lives up to its billing as a remarkably thin, light, and small laptop. It’s trivial to carry around, and it looks good. But it’s a little too bendable, and its performance is disappointing. It’s great for someone who wants as little laptop as possible in their backpack – and strong battery life makes it possible to leave the charger behind – but for anyone else, there are just too many compromises.

Is there a better alternative?
There isn’t another laptop that’s going to match the Swift 7’s svelte chassis. So, we’ll consider laptops that are just as small thanks to equally tiny bezels but won’t be nearly as thin or light.

First is the Dell XPS 13, which is not only an excellent laptop but is small enough that you probably won’t mind the difference. It offers much better performance, build quality, and display options, and it’s less expensive as configured. You’ll spend $1,749 ($1,519 on sale) for the same Core i7, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 4K touch display.

Next, there’s the Lenovo IdeaPad S940. It, too, has a 14-inch display fitted into a very small chassis, and it’s not particularly thick or heavy on top of it. It also performs much better and has an excellent 4K display available. It’s also expensive, though, at $1,600 for a Core i7, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a 4K display.

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