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launch crp129 with 288W 50 inch Led light bar FLOOD light SPOT light 4wd boat white

MaxiFlash-Beck Racing Engines15/8/2016
Beck Racing Engines Since 1986 Beck Racing Engines continues to be creating the finest in Hi Functionality, Street, Strip, Street Race, Marine and Off Road Race Chevy engines for thousands of satisfied buyers. We proudly give each carbureted and EFI engine packages in naturally aspirated, supercharged, blown, turbocharged, or nitrous combinations. BRE builds the best Chevy performance engines obtainable anywhere. Our qualified employees of engine builders will take pride and stakes their status on every engine we develop. Once you obtain a BRE built engine you are obtaining in excess of 30 years of practical experience in making and testing hi-performance and championship racing engines. We don't mass produce engines but custom build them 1 at a time together with your application in mind. Our secret for the energy, quality, and dependability of every engine is our total manage of every single phase of construction. All machine operate is performed in our very own facility utilizing the latest state with the artwork technological innovation out there now. Every engine is totally blueprinted and balanced, individually machined and assembled. Our engines undergo a various series of assembly procedures before ultimate assembly and dyno testing & tuning. Our goal is to establish maximum effectiveness and reliability into an engine that will give years of trouble free operation. A glance through our brochure gives a good indication with the excellent, power and torque we make from our Chevrolet engines. We strive to and excel at delivering reliable horsepower for your driving pleasure and excitement. We've developed a world wide reputation for building some from the best and most reliable dyno proven Chevrolet engines around. We have engines and cars winning races and car shows all across America and in many countries around the world such as Germany, Norway, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Aruba, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Japan and beyond! Whether it's road racing, vintage motor sports, drag racing, Bonneville, Baja, Mud bogging, tractor pulling, drag boats, poker run, pleasure boats, off shore race boats, hill climbing, mud bogs, off roading, desert racing, sand duning, 4 wheeler's, rock crawlers, pro street, pro touring, hot rods, show cars, cruisers, or factory original muscle cars, we have a package for you! Considering the fact that then, BRE has developed countless engines that have won all kinds of races, shows, events, been in many magazines, have set track records and have been class champions in many race circuits, from drag racing, street racing, mud bogs, Baja off street racing, drag boats, to Bonneville & beyond! So... what makes us different from the hundreds of other engine builders out there that all claim they make the best product for the money? Good quality Manage At BRE, we design, engineer, and build each and every engine in-house. We also do all of our machine perform in-house. This allows us to manage our good quality manage each and every step on the way. We don't employ warm bodies, we employ skilled technicians that have years of knowledge in machining, assembling, and tuning effectiveness engines. Above the years, we've bought and used parts from nearly every major supplier. Only those companies that make the best from the best earn our business. No single company offers the best of everything, so we hand select parts from dozens of top tier suppliers, such as Dart blocks & heads, Edelbrock intake manifolds, ARP fasteners, Clevite bearings, Fel-Pro gaskets, Mahle pistons & rings, Total Seal, Cloyes Gear, GM, Calico Coatings, Manton, Isky, PAC, Comp Cams, Jesel, Manley, Ferrea, Melling, Moroso, MSD Ignitions, HVH, Quick Fuel, Holley carburetors, XRP, Champion, ATI Super dampers, Scat 4340 Forged, Callies, Crower, Sonny Bryant Billet crankshafts & Carrillo connecting rods. Parts are selected based on reliability, performance, and compatibility. Rest assured, we've bought a lot of your wrong parts more than the years so that we could narrow our selection towards the right ones. This continual R&D puts us miles ahead of builders that select their parts based on volume discounts or pricing. We simply refuse to use an inferior part just because we can get it cheaper. For example, we use MSD Pro-Billet distributors exclusively. Many of our competitors use a distributor that looks like an MSD, but it's simply a cheap Chinese knock off - they hide this by calling it a "house brand" but they're not fooling us. Be leery any time you hear the words house brand! Effectiveness Too often, engine builders and consumers alike are caught up in the numbers game. In excess of the many years, we've come to realize that the following three things are the most discussed: - Cubic Inches - Peak Horsepower - Price We supply the same data, but we include a guarantied minimum Horsepower number that more accurately reflects real world functionality. Real performance comes from a package with smooth torque and horsepower curves. In every single application, from drag racing to marine, an engine with a better average horsepower rating will outperform one particular with a lower average horsepower rating regardless of their peak horsepower ratings. This is far more difficult to achieve and this is where we shine! Our secret here is... well, our secret but, we will tell you that it has a lot to do with the valve train. For example, the big companies have a huge selection of camshafts sitting on the shelf and most builders take advantage of that. Not us - each and every camshaft we use is a customized ground based on our years of R&D. We know exactly what we need and want and it isn't readily out there. Speaking of R&D, we use our in-house Super Flow engine dyno extensively to separate fact from fiction and opinion from reality. BRE's self-sufficient shop provides virtually all Machine Shop & Dyno services in house which allows BRE to keep the tight tolerances to their engines. Each and just about every Beck Racing Engine is dyno tested and tuned to insure energy levels, reliability, and a controlled break in procedure. Of course, we're also content to dyno your engine and provide to you a finish printed copy of its measured overall performance. Reliability We are so confident in our engine packages we provide something unheard of in the aftermarket - a complete warranty. That's correct we guarantee all Max Velocity, Pro Tow, Pro Off-Road, Turnkey engines to be free of defects in workmanship and material for a period of THREE YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE from the date of shipment! Our Pro Street & Street Kill series Turnkey engines have a TWO YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty. Our Marine, Race, Off Street and Forced Induction Turnkey engines have a A single YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty. Please ask for a copy of our full warranty policy. Value Contrary to popular belief, value isn't a better price - in fact it has nothing to do with price. Value is achieved when a service or product exceeds expectation. Yes, you can find engine packages cheaper than those that we offer you - in some cases significantly. But, you will not find an engine package from any other builder that offers more value than one of ours, period. So, how do we know that - because we've lost bids to other builders and then we hear the horror stories. Typical Horror Story we encounter Several many years ago, we built a twin turbo LS motor for a sand car application for a customer. A friend of his shopped us shortly after but felt he could get a better price from another builder. He found a similarly advertised package from another builder that offered more horsepower, more cubic inches, and a much lower price. Without doing his homework, he jumped on it. When the engine arrived, he took it to a local shop to install and tune it - the same shop we refer our customers to for chassis dyno tuning. Immediately, they uncovered significant problems with the combination that had to be redesigned and repaired before it could be tuned. Even afterwards, they tuned it only after he understood there was a good chance it would fail in the process. It survived, but it barely lasted a single season on the sand ahead of failing. Sure he got a better price, but in the end he paid much more for the mistakes than he would have by buying our package. And the builder's response? We lost money on that engine. I guess we got in over our heads. Sorry. And his friend? Well, we're delighted to report that his engine is still going strong after a lot of seasons.

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