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Plastic CombBinding machines punch a rectangular

  In that past, shopping for a binding machinecould prove to be extremely challenging. Many customers brake lining manufacturers in china have seendifferent binding styles on the market and would like to try them out.However, since all three of the major binding styles on the market usedifferent hole patterns, customers were forced to choose a singlebinding style or buy multiple binding machines. Without spendingthousands of dollars customers were not able to bind documents usingPlastic Combs, Twin Loop Wire and Spiral Coil. However, using the GBCC500 binding machine, consumers can now bind all three types ofdocuments. The difficulty in using one machine to do different types of binding isthat most binding styles use different hole patterns.

Plastic CombBinding machines punch a rectangular hole pattern with 19 holes for an11" document. Twin loop wire binding machines that bind smallerdocuments (up to 9/16" thick) punch a square or round hole pattern with32 holes for an 11" document. Most color coil or spiral coil bindingmachines punch a 4:1 pitch hole pattern with four holes per inch(either 43 or 44 holes for an 11" document). This is why it is sodifficult to use one binding machine to bind all three styles. The GBC CombBind C500 binding machine punches both the 19 hole patternfor comb binding and the 32 hole pattern for twin loop wire binding.There are simply two punching slots on the C500, one for comb bindingand one for wire binding.

The GBC C500 also includes a simple twin loopwire closer for wire binding and a plastic comb opener for combbinding. This covers two of the three major binding styles leaving onlyspiral coil remaining. Using the GBC CombBind C500 binding machine to bind documents withcolor coil simply involves buying the right supplies and a pair of coilcrimping pliers. Since the C500 has the ability to punch a 3:1 pitchround hole pattern it is fully compatible with 3:1 pitch spiral coil.Although most of the spiral coil that you find on the market is 4:1pitch (4 holes per inch), 3:1 pitch binding coil is readily availableat in over 25 sizes and 60 colors.

You simply punch yourdocument using the 3:1 pitch punching slot, spin the coil onto yourdocument and use your coil crimping pliers to cut and crimp the coil sothat it won't spin off the book. Now you can use your C500 to binddocuments with spiral coil. In addition to comb binding, wire binding and coil binding the C500 isalso fully compatible with the GBC ProClick binding style and the GBCZipBind binding style. Thus, one machine can be used to bind books withfive different binding styles. No other machine is more versatile andthe C500 sells for less than $600.

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brake pad manufacturers

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brake lining manufacturers

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- Plastic CombBinding machines punch a rectangular
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