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caseme case

• 23/3/2018 - Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have touchscreen problems, Do Not Upgrade

The Galaxy S9 has had a rough ride. Some of it is deserved, but much of it is unfair. So it is perhaps poetic that just as a serious new Galaxy S9 problem has been discovered, Samsung has also confirmed a new great secret feature…

Both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones have touchscreen problems. Yes, perhaps the worst fault a smartphone can have is hitting a significant number of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus units.

Complaints are piling up in Reddit (1,2,3,4.5,6), Samsung’s official forums; the XDA Developers Forums, Android Central (1,2) and others. Interestingly, the problem appears to be more widespread on the Galaxy S9 Plus (which is the better of the two phones) than the Galaxy S9, which would suggest a hardware fault. A software glitch would impact both models equally.

No fix has been found as yet. A workaround for some is to adjust touchscreen sensitivity to maximum in settings - but this is hardly a long-term solution as it registers even the slightest accidental screen contact.

Despite this, I must reiterate my previous advice: do not buy a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus right now. Band 71 support is great, but it isn’t enough to counterbalance the touchscreen issues or - more significantly - the historical research which shows Samsung’s Galaxy S models suffer circa 40% price drops with carriers after one month.

Let Samsung iron out these flaws, let the price drop then buy yourself a bargain. And if you’re still unsure about upgrading, remember: the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is likely to arrive sooner than you think...

Source: Caseme

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• 22/3/2018 - Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case is the best choice for persons who travel frequently

For those persons who are looking for a wallet that can be used conveniently during traveling, the innovative Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case is the best choice. This Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case has been specially designed with the purpose of offering maximum convenience for persons who travel frequently.
Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case
During traveling, stealing of wallets is largely reported, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case is designed to avoid such issues. You can keep your valuable mobile phone, Bluetooth accessories, and cash conveniently in the wallet case. It cannot be accessed by any other person except you. It has plenty of space for storing maximum items. You can keep your passport, driving licence and important documents that you will need while traveling. In the card slot, items like credit and debit cards, membership cards, etc. can be stored. You can have an easy access to the things that are stored in this wallet case.

Out of the numerous wallet cases available in the market, the Caseme Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case is spacious enough to carry all the items that you necessitate while traveling. Women can store their jewelry securely in it. It has a protective closure flap for protecting your valuable cards and important documents from falling down. You can open this Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case and look at the various sections. You can find the credit card slots located within the Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case. You can easily store your credit cards as well as business cards in it. You can keep everything into this wallet case for an easy storage. You can place your Samsung 6 in a secure manner, and a closure flap over your gadget protects it from scratches.

The Caseme Samsung Galaxy S9 Wallet Case offers a more stylish look and has many modern features. There is no need to worry about the space for storing your credit cards, jewelry, cash, ID card and driving license. The inside of this Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case is very safe, and everything is secured with a zipper. This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus wallet case has been uniquely designed in Britain, and offers maximum protection to your Samsung Galaxy S9. Its smart rubber padding protects the mobile from impacts and softens fall.

Source: Caseme

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