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A blog of sharing some information about stepper motor.

What is the difference between a traditional stepper motor and a brushless dc motor?7/11/2019
As a stepper motor turns, the inductance of each winding fluctuates through peaks and valleys a number of times per revolution. Torque is generated as an energized winding moves from peak to valley, causing a reduction of energy stored in its magnetic field. This reduction in field energy is directly translated to mechanical work of stepper motor. Modern stepper motors Online often use a hybrid approach, developing torque by combining this principle with force generated using permanent magnets. This doesn’t change the basic functional characteristics or how they’re used. Generating higher torques requires more energy be put into the winding’s magnetic field. “Charging” the inductance up with more energy takes more time at any given system voltage. Also, the energy that gets pushed into each winding must be dumped out as the motor moves to the next step. This imposes a real efficiency penalty. As with DC motors the maximum available torque is limited by the motor speed at any given time. The primary use of stepper motors such as nema 34 hybrid stepper motor are in a feed-forward motion control application. Only a stepper, a driver and a home sensor is required. A system like this operates by sequentially advancing the motor backwards or forwards through a desired number of steps. Check here more “stepper motor online”.
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