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• 24/4/2019 - The third level has two restaurants and a long terrace

Sticking to a Spanish tradition that markets are the main square of a neighborhood, it took five years and 15 million euros to accomplish the transformation of Madrid's Mercado de San Antón into a 21st century local marketplace several years ago. Also accomplished by the architects, themselves residents of the colorful Chueca neighborhood, was the integration of tradition with modern and ecologically-driven design.This is the second transformation in Madrid to revitalize run-down markets into modern structures for locals and tourists alike. It will undoubtedly give the Mercado de San Miguel, located near the Plaza Mayor, strong competition. Marketplace LayoutThis marketplace has a large skylight that streams sun into the gleaming and open interior comprising of three distinctly different food encounters.The first level of 12 stalls sell meat, cheese, seafood, fruit, flowers, pastries and other items, some precooked.Level two is 11 stalls of prepared foods. Public seating on this level is corrala style, which intentionally replicates a Spanish patio for people watching.

The third level has two restaurants and a long terrace for enjoying drinks. Additionally, a standard supermarket is below ground level, plus a parking garage holds 80 cars with hook-ups for electric-powered vehicles. Adding to the user-friendly atmosphere here is free wifi and air conditioning throughout. Inside San Anton MarketplaceJudith Glynn Bocadillo de JamonJudith Glynn What to Eat and Do on Level TwoNibble your way from stall to stall. It's where Spain's renowned tapas menu meets Madrid chic dining on the run. It's also less intimidating here, especially for non-Spanish speakers, to see the dishes, the prices and point to choose. Food stalls are by non-competing products such as sushi, Greek, Italian, foie gras, juice, pastry, etc.Prices are excellent and approximate in this article. Combine three tapas-size dishes of pasta such as Risotto al Funghi Porcini, Melanzane alla Parmigiana and Pasta Siciliana into one meal.

A dish of Estofado de Toro (bull stew) costs four euros. Pollo Asado (roasted chicken) with two vegetables is 4.90 euros. Two oysters portable booth Manufacturers cost 1.50 euros, topped off with 2.50 euros for a glass of white wine.Also located on Level Two and behind a glass wall is a large exhibition space. Exhibitions currently planned include book events, culinary tastings and workshops.The modular booth is mainly used in some product exhibitions. It is mainly used for temporary exhibitions, so it can be used multiple times. Multiple use can save the company a certain amount of money. In the early days, the booth was built using wood materials, which were not recyclable and also a kind of damage to the environment. Because of its use, it requires a lot of wood for production, resulting in a lot of waste.

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• 18/4/2019 - Math and science people are a breed unto themselves

Math and science people are a breed unto themselves. The ones I know love to take things apart, figure things out, see how things work, and calculate stuff that the rest of us sort of don't even think about.My daughter is a geek and proud of it. She loves when I get her a magazine subscription that lets her learn and delve deep into a topic. Math and Science Related Magazines that Geeks LoveAt Least My Geek Daughter Does!My daughter is a math and science geek. Her bachelors degree is in chemistry education, and she now teaches advanced placement calculus.As a lowly Algebra I (and that was the highest math class I took) and Biology B (the biology option for students not planning to go to college, which I did, but had no interest in the advanced science class) student, I never quite figured out where my daughter got the math and science genes, but she did.And it was always a sure bet to get her a magazine at Christmas or for her birthday that let her read in-depth articles that satisfied her curiosity for all that stuff.

This image from Wiki Commons images shows the "cover of the October 1920 issue of Popular Science magazine, painted by American illustrator Norman Rockwell. It depicts an inventor working on a perpetual motion machine. The device shown is a 'mass leverage' device, where the spherical weights on the right have more leverage than those on the left, supposedly creating a perpetual rotation, but there are a greater number of weights to the left, balancing the device."Photo Credit: In the public domain.

Science Magazine: Includes commentary articles in a searchable database, news stories, and research reports.Smithsonian Magazine: Explores lifestyles, cultures, people, science and technology with photo essays and in-depth articles featuring current Smithsonian museum exhibits.Source: World Newspapers Popular Mechanics: A Hands-On Magazine for AllUseful Information on Caring for Home and Auto and Buying Electronics and More Discover MagazineFeatures in Each Issue: 20 Things You Didn't Know About trade show booth display Kids Love Science and MathWhen exposed in a fun way, science and math can be lots of fun. Give a gift subscription to a child in your life that will keep fun experiments and puzzles at hand all year long. These magazines and books are tried and true.

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