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Lube and lubricant for you vehicle

14/9/2018 - The choice of rail oil is critical.

In modern machine shops, the choice of rail oil is critical. The rail oil can affect the precision of machining and the service life of the metalworking fluid, and directly affect the productivity of the machine tool. The ideal rail oil not only needs to have excellent friction control, but also what performance is required, why the rail oil is generally much more expensive than hydraulic oil. Rail oil is commonly known as the crawling rail oil. It is easier to know the purpose of this lubricant from the name, which is a major feature of industrial oil. However, hydraulic oil mainly refers to the role of energy transmission in the hydraulic system, automotive greases which plays a certain role in rust prevention, lubrication, anti-foaming and anti-emulsification. The focus of the two oils is different, but the requirements for the rail oil will make the hydraulic oil higher.

First of all, the rail oil is usually used to lubricate the following equipment: various precision machine tool rails, vertical or horizontal rails, table horizontal rails, and positioner sliding parts. As the important industrial lubricant for machine tool guide rails, the guide rail oil has good lubricity, rust resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Rail oil features:

1. The guide rail oil can make the guide rail close to the liquid friction, thereby reducing the frictional resistance, reducing the driving power, and improving the efficiency;

2. The guide rail oil can reduce the wear of the guide rails, prevent the corrosion of the guide rails, reduce the vibration, and improve the characteristics of the manifold;

3. The guide rail oil can reduce the friction heat at high speed and reduce the thermal deformation;

4. The guide rail oil can avoid creeping under low speed and heavy load and reduce vibration.

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