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Some Information of Cobalt Alloy9/11/2018
What Is Cobalt Alloy Porcelain Teeth, Price, Advantages and Disadvantages?

Cobalt alloy porcelain teeth are one of the non-precious metal porcelain teeth. Its advantage is that it has strong metal stability and high corrosion resistance. Under normal circumstances, there will be no black gums or bleeding gums. Compared with precious metal porcelain teeth and all-ceramic teeth, the cost of cobalt chromium alloy porcelain teeth is significantly lower. Compared with nickel-chromium porcelain teeth, cobalt chromium alloy porcelain teeth are safer.

Cobalt alloy porcelain teeth are typical non-precious metal porcelain teeth. Porcelain teeth are a more advanced dental technique. It has the advantages of beauty, naturalness, firmness and wear resistance, and is a favorite product of many dental patients. So what are the composition of cobalt chromium alloy porcelain teeth? Generally, the chromium is not less than 25%, the molybdenum is not less than 4%, and the three kinds of cobalt, nickel and chromium are not less than 85%. Cobalt chromium alloy porcelain teeth are good or bad. One person believes that nickel-chromium alloy porcelain teeth are commonly used at low prices, and more than 50% of patients with porcelain teeth choose such porcelain teeth. Good bio-integration, aesthetics, economy, durability and so on. However, some people have confirmed that such ceramic teeth have poor bioconductivity and are likely to cause allergies in some people, resulting in inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes. The specific use of porcelain teeth should be decided after consultation with the regular hospital doctor.

The choice of non-precious metal alloys is different worldwide. The United States uses more nickel-chromium alloys; in Europe and Japan, it is basically a cobalt chromium alloy used for fixed repair, and more than 1% nickel is usually unusable. Nickel-chromium alloy is easier to cast and economical than cobalt chromium alloy, but its physical properties and corrosion resistance are not as good as cobalt chromium alloy. When exposed to a hot environment, such as porcelain, the physical properties of nichrome may change and the alloy becomes more fragile and unsuitable for use as a long bridge. In this regard, cobalt chromium alloys are far superior to nickel-chromium alloys in resisting heat treatment.

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