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Here you can find charming layered hair styles.

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      25/7/2013 - Why we love layered hairstyle --- EvaWigs

      Layered hairstyles are like the best shoes – they are stylish, attractive, and practical! If you have beautiful hairstyle with good hair quality, layered will add a lot of charming things to your style, just like a glamour dress with a diamond necklace, it will make you shine. Unlike some hairstyles, layered works for every hair length and type, with options for incorporating short, medium, and long layers into your existing hairstyle or trying out an entirely new look, it will successfully create all the possibilities for your style.

      The trend is never fade since its birth: the feathered Farrah to the Rachel( a role of the famous American TV series” Friends” ) and now, here are the hottest looks for 2013. You can get an on trend hairstyle without risk yourself to change the length of your hair or something else. There are so many layered looks, from romantic to elegant to flirty – just choose the one appropriate to your style and age.

      EvaWigs Layered Hairstyles

      Hairstyles with layers are also fantastic for maintaining hair length while adding volume and movement. If you feel that your hair is too thick to be stylish, then the layers will successfully help you solve this problem. Layers are much creative cause it always seen as a causal style and no matter you keep it in order or just let it go with its instinct, it is ok. The bounce and swing are fun and look amazing with little effort – layered hairstyles are low maintenance and can be as easy as wash and wear. As with any cut, regular trims keep hair in shape, reducing the work you have to do.


      Layered haircuts reveal split ends so take special care of fragile tips with deep conditioning as often as necessary for your hair type.

      Do you want to own a layered hairstyle? If the answer is yes, then go to the barber to style one or just visit to custom one. Custom made full lace wigs will also give you much fun.

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      17/7/2013 - Layering Your Hair To Turn Simple Haircuts Into Elegant Ones -- by EvaWigs

      Layered hairstyle has the magic to turn simple haircuts into more elegant and beautiful ones. With the uppermost hair being the shortest and the hair ends increasing in length, a number of layers are generated. With the layers, the volume of the hair is enlarged. It is therefore fair to say that layered hair is rather suitable for long faces.

      The different ways of layering result in sorts of layered hairstyles. Take the length as the criterion, let's explore some certain layered hairstyles for long, medium and short hair. We will focus on some common ones, it is sure that more layered hairstyles exist than what will be included in the following content.

      Layered long hair

      Choppy layered long hair is mainly straight with natural and gradual increase of hair length from top down. The bangs are chopped so that they are loose and brisk. This is indeed a cute layered hairstyle. A full lace human hair wig in the same style is presented on


      Rihanna Silky Straight Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig with Bangs - ces110

      Soft layered long hair is a curly vision of the choppy one as described in the last passage. The ends of each layer softly curl at certain angles. This style requires smooth hair texture.


      Heavy layered long hair is heavy on the top. This style requires a huge volume of hair. Most hair ends are chopped so that layers are formed. Dying hair with bright color like gold helps to highlight the feature of this style.

      Layered medium hair

      Heavy layered medium hair is quite like its long version except that it has shorter length and sharper hair ends. It is good for long faces.

      Come to EvaWigs to see a similar wig.


      Wonderful Medium Natural Straight Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig - stc1001

      Wispy layered medium hair features wispy tips of hair. The difference between the heavy one and the wispy one is that the latter is with more and smaller layers.

      Choppy layered hair distinguishes itself in its choppy bangs and the main part of this style can be bob or simply straight.

      Layered short hair

      Shaggy layered short hair means many many layers each consisting of little hair. The hair tips are sleek.


      Choppy layered short hair can be regarded as the longer version of the shaggy one with the top being flatter. For wide faces, this is a perfect modification of the facial shape.


      Razor layered short hair is clear-cut with a square shape. The bangs it uses are usually the side ones.


      Choose a suitable layered style and add elegance to your current hairstyle.

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