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1/9/2014 - Move that digicam up and to the remaining until you look

Move that digicam up and to the remaining until you look for the protected with the availability concept near the access. Crack the protected and obtain the concept.Open the checkpoint and delay for the protected to begin spying around. Take him down when he goes away from the other security security officers.

 Get in the improve to the remaining to get to the roof. Move toward the waypoint and improve the two security officers for secure. Get linked with the digicam to the right and stimulate the side raise to disturb the protected.Take benefits of the disruption and move near the vehicle by the waypoint.

 Fall down right next to the waypoint. While the security protection is still redirected, availability the coughing and coughing waypoint to begin the mini-game.Turn the remaining aspect once to begin up the decreased center aspect, then turn the decreased center aspect once.

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30/8/2014 - When you accomplish the second ctOS Framework

When you accomplish the second ctOS Framework, go around the developing to the red improve and take it up. Now crack the electronic camera attached to the light rod on the right, then leap over to another one that's higher up and located over your go.

 Consider a third electronic camera through a accessibility, then crack the begin up panel. Get up onto the ceiling, stage through the revealed gate, and then go right to go onto some air conditioner. You should be able to see the begin up panel below you while standing on the air conditioner.

 Break it, then begin backtracking. Go through the gap in the components until you look for the yellow-colored activities at the end of a developer. Go up the activities, then through the gate, and you'll look for the ctOS Framework. Installing the accessibility will finish your look for trip through The Wards.

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