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13/11/2018 - Professional networking groups are a great way to use your elevator

  Professional networking groups are a great way to use your elevator speech to locate private lenders. You can join networking MRL elevator groups such as Business Networking International (BNI) and gain access to many other professionals with like-minded interests, and be sure to include your 60-second elevator speech at every chance you get.

  Benefits of Joining

  If you want to have access to a lot of opportunities to create wealth by investing in real estate, professional networking groups are a great way to accomplish this. Like a real estate investment club, a really good professional networking group will provide the following benefits:

  Seminars by Seasoned Professionals: Membership in a professional networking group will provide you with the opportunities to enjoy workshops by professional who have actually created a lot of success in your profession.

  Increase Referrals: As I mentioned before, use your 60-second elevator speech at every chance you get and you will increase the number of prospects as well as the number of referrals they send your way.

  Networking Meetings: You will have the opportunity to participate in a large number of networking meetings each year. This will open up your services to a wide variety of new prospects that will most likely be interested in your real estate deal.

  Tradeshows: You will receive information on tradeshows that are going on which are specifically related to real estate investment. Another perfect opportunity to use your 60-second elevator speech or to display your private lending portfolio to a targeted audience.

  People from Other Businesses: You will have access to people from businesses other than real estate investment, but who may meet someone that invests in real estate on the side or wants to expand their existing business by purchasing real estate. This also may provide you with the opportunity to pursue additional business options.

  Jumpstart Your Business: Starting a business is always difficult but once you get the momentum going the opportunities are endless. A professional networking group is great way to get your real estate investment business up and running in a shorter amount of time.

  How Can I Join?

  Do Your Research: Like real estate investment clubs you will need to do your research to find the reputable networking groups such as Business Networking International. Paying careful attention to the speakers in seminars will tell you a lot about the organization. Are they always selling something or are they offering good solid resourceful information?

  State Chapter: Large professional networking groups such as BNI usually have a chapter for each state where you can sign up online. Most of the reputable ones will ask you for references and other materials to ensure you are serious about networking. This way you will also know that other members you will be networking with are also reliable and serious about their business.

  If you are serious about learning the ropes for networking to expand your business and make new connections, then you seriously want to consider joining a professional networking group as a means to achieve these goals.

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8/11/2018 - A local legend contends that the waterfall came into being
In Brazil, near Rio de Janeiro and making a boundary between Argentina and Brazil, there are waterfalls known as Iguazu Falls, which are like no other waterfalls in the world. These spectacular waterfalls are reportedly five times the size of Niagara Falls, and the earth-shattering roar of the waterfalls?rushing waters can be heard many miles away. The very first Spanish explorer to witness the sheer power of Iguazu Falls was Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, way back in 1541. Iguazu Falls was believed to have been formed as the result of a volcanic eruption.

In the local Indian language, the name of guazu?means reat waters.?A local legend contends that the waterfall came into being when the god of the Iguazu River became enraged and had an outburst. The god is rumored to live in the area of the waters downpour called he Devil Throat.?

The top of the waterfall rests along the rim of a cliff that is approximately 2 ½ miles in length. Along this rim there is a collection of some 275 different cascades and waterfalls whose waters fall out over the edge and flow into a gorge 269 feet below. The clouds and mists of water that are sent spiraling into the air when the water hits various ledges and cliffs during its descent create beautiful rainbows that seem to appear everywhere.

Iguazu Falls is almost always a very active waterfall, but is at its peak during the rainy season, which occurs from November through March each year. Much to the dismay of the Falls?fans, the waterfall completely dried up in 1978 and remained dry for a total of twenty -eight days. This was a phenomenon that had not occurred since 1934, and it is anyone抯 guess when it may happen again.

Seeing Iguazu Falls is no hard task, as there are helicopter rides available that will fly the curious right over the top of the Falls, and boat trips that can be taken to the base of the Falls. Incredibly, there is also an elevator that will take visitors to the top of Iguazu Falls, and catwalks available that allow one to walk out over the various cascades that make up the wondrous waterfalls. If you prefer to stay dry, rain suits are available.

If you wish to be lulled to sleep by the calming sounds of Iguazu Falls, there are numerous lodges located nearby that offer wonderful accommodations, as well as being close enough to the waterfalls to hear them as you nod off.

Iguazu Falls are part of a protected jungle ecosystem that is comprised of two different national parks; one in Brazil and the other in Argentina.

A visit to Iguazu Falls has something for all of the senses; sights, sounds and smells included! Don抰 forget to bring the camera, as these unique waterfalls are something to behold, and you will surely want to capture their rarity on film.

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