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9/8/2019 - You have never had a panic mood

You have never had a panic mood until when you have a few hours to submit an assignment and you are at work. I remember that when I was in my third year in college, I had a lot of assignment and even though I made a lot of efforts to write my papers  on time, at one point, I faced the unexpected. I was very sure that I had completed all my papers.
However, I remember that I had skipped a class last week and I never did a follow up from my friends on what happened or whether there was an assignment that was issued. At around 3pm a friend of mine called me to seek a clarification on how I had completed my assignment. I was so shocked and I replied that id did not have a clue that there was such an assignment. It was only 3 hours to the deadline. Trying to imagine that my lecturer was a no nonsense man and he could not have accepted a late submission; I could not imagine that I had done the assignment and even if I was to start it at that time I could not complete it. I looked at the assignment instructions, but since I had missed the class, I could not manage to handle the paper. I called my friends, but none of them could trust me that I could not copy their work and land them into problems. I contacted many essay writing services but most of them claimed that they could not write my essay within such a deadline. I contacted one of the writing services that looked unfamiliar and I did not trust it at the first time
I decided to take a gamble and I trusted them to write my essay. All this time, I was panicking Color Crepe Paper Suppliers a lot and my mind was working fast. I thought that I was conned and the fear of repeating the class was something that I could not imagine. To my amazement, I had my paper a few minutes to the deadline. I did not even read what they had written since I could not understand what was written. It was the first time, to use a writing service but it was a good experience. The writing service did save me big time.

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