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private cappadocia tours6/3/2018
Sabiha Gökçen yada istanbul Atatürk airport is frequented by many expeditions. Only air tickets made by Sabiha Gökçenden are cheaper and more economical. About us We are a family of 4 people, so we fly directly to Trabzon airport with Pegasus airlenes. We already have an airport that is filled with sea for the first time Trabzon is at the airport. Believe it is quite amazing when I look out of the glass in the air in the air here everywhere. We got out of the air after the passport check. The airport was built quite far from the city center. Here we came to a place very close to the municipality with Havaş vehicles. Trabzon has a hilly and when we looked at it from the hotel, the sea view was great. In the Black Sea we could see big ships and fish ships. Already Trabzon city fish world Another phrase is the fish paradise. On the coast of Trabzon, there are fish restaurants with live music by the sea. Fish grills are made with a wide variety of graves. During this journey, the oldest building in the city is the Surmena monastery, which was built during the Pontic Empire period. In addition, the city is a forested city. It is called Green Trabzon. Everywhere is green because it rains so often. The long bridge, which is the site of the lake, is made of a mosque from both sides. The landscape is blue in the middle like this color and a white mosque, and the surroundings are completely green. When we see this scene, we can say that we came to Paradise. The city of Barcelona in the most authentic place of the city is the stadium has. A similar kind of faith is a Trabzon Football stadium on the seaside.I roamed the streets of istanbul yesterday evening and indeed in a strange country, in the time language of yandama. So you see this city from the other side of your head looking right and left. The oldest one in my city is 100 years old. However, the New Mosque is located in Eminonu square, which is the closest prospect to istanbul. Even this is a mosque that is at least 400 years old. Istanbul is the only city around OldCity that has the concept of time in particular. I think that there is only one city to compare with istanbul. Roman empire East and West Rome. It was Istanbul as the Byzantine capital of Constantine. It is much bigger than Roman city, It is made. This is briefly after ancient Roman history information. In 1453, despite all of Istanbul, Ottoman Turkish Islamic artifacts Hagia Sophia will compete with numerous mosque It is made. This was done by Suleymaniye mosque when the architect Mimar Sinan was hiding himself and said that my craftsmanship works. In every ottoman work, attention is paid to all mosque around buildings and buildings are allowed to be built up to 2 times. The reason for this is that the German city architects, each with its magnificent structures, from now on. Both Byzantine and Ottoman empires, all the maritime trade of this city is the historical harbor with the Golden Horn and Aksaray. Hail today The port located in Aksaray is being built between Bursa and Istanbul by sea buses at certain hours of the day. Golden Horn after telling the Ottoman Empire Sultan Dolmabahce Palace built by Abdulaziz was built. And here it is mostly by Sultan Abdulhamit II who ruled the Ottoman Empire for more than 30 years used. Dolmabahce Palace Mosque, which is entirely by the sea and used by the people, has been built.Green Bursa is a real meeting point of civilizations. This extremely special city makes Uludağ in this city. The first ski facilities in this city in Turkey made. Because it is very close to cities like İtanbul and Ankara, people are able to come and ski in Bursa Uludağ daily. As is the case with other ski resorts There is a cable car service to reach the peak of the mountain. Bursa is used as a relaxation center on the weekend in the ski resorts of uldağ. Therefore Whether you need weekends Bursa Uludağ is very crowded. Surrounding waters are in the Bursa grassland. These local waters are at 35 degrees Celsius. It depends on this There are thermal terraces around the locusts. These are two-storey houses with wooden houses. On one side are very old churches as well as historical mosque creates a very beautiful landscape side by side. It is possible to see traces of the Byzantine empire in the city history and culture structure for a certain period. Lakin this city 1300 From the beginning of the years has become a classic ottoman city. This city was recognized as the founding capital of the Ottoman empire. There is very little of Timur and the Battle of Ankara There is Bursa Ulu mosque that was built some time ago. The city was considered as the center of the Ulu mosque and this old city was rebuilt. The Ottoman young man himself personally made Ulu mosque he was very interested. 2 minaresi and very plain style was chosen for Bursa Ulu Mosque.private istanbul tours
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