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graphite manufacturers23/7/2015
me, set up some large platform, realizes the communication between industry;And through the government's policy guide and improve the use of the user."Large technology industrialization can't depart from the support of financial capital."Silver based olefine carbon new material (000511, shares) group co-president Fan Ding �� said that at present, the concept of graphene is still in its industry.This one phase, graphene industry the need to foster, planning and services, but also the most need money support.In terms of money, Shi Hao fly, etc in the industry hopes to establish a national investment environment and the integration of the market.Shi Dinghuan also said, how to promote financial innovation, promote the development of industrialization of graphene, national policy, to form early help avoid risk investment institutions, and encourage capital into, make the investment and financing china graphite has a good ecological environment. From the laboratory to industry, graphene became "darling" overnight.From samsung mobile phones, apple's wearable devices, to the tesla electric vehicle batteries, all appeared the figure of graphene materials.As a priority in the field of materials, graphene in energy, biotechnology, the application of electronic technology has been gradually, and its in the field of aerospace and military industry and so on also has the broad application prospect.The industry is expected, the next five to 10 years, the graphite manufacturers global graphene industry scale will be at least more than $100 billion. This speech is seems exaggerated, but it vividly expressed concern about heavy metal pollution.2005 pearl river tributary of beijiang cadmium pollution, hunan yueyang arsenic contamination in 2006, 2010, fujian zijin mining major pollution, 2012, guangxi hechi city cadmium pollution...Shocking major water pollution graphite price event alarm sounded the water conservation, soil heavy metal pollution problems also gave our grain production safety serious topic, also the effective governance of water heavy metal pollution of higher stan
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