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• 11/1/2019 - You will also get to know about famous gardening stores

Are you living in a house that doesn’t have a garden? Yes? Well, that’s really sad, because you do not have a nook in your house where you can spend some alone time after a hectic day at work. In fact, in today’s era, it’s really hard to find houses that have an amazing garden area or a yard. And it’s all because of the modern "apartment culture". However, don’t be sad if you don’t have a garden at your home; there’s one amazing idea that I can give you. How about creating a rooftop garden? Sounds great, isn’t it? So, wait no more, turn your roof into a verdant relaxing spot where you can spend some alone and quality time.  When creating a rooftop garden, if you are thinking that just adding plants will be enough to make it look gorgeous, then you are seriously mistaken. Plants undoubtedly play a vital role in making your garden look amazing. But, if you want to add an "extra edge" to your rooftop garden, then it’ll be better if you add a few more elements. Wondering, what elements you can add to glam-up your rooftop garden’s look? Then please take a look at the following points given below. Install an outdoor fountain Fountains are one of those décor elements that will not just enhance the beauty of your garden but will also add a feeling of tranquility to it. Believe it or not, the sound of splashing and bubbling water will surely sooth your senses.

So, add fountains Melbourne to your garden and spend some peaceful time sitting near it. There’s another advantage of installing fountains and that is, they’ll attract loads of birds. So, you will be able to watch quite a few birds taking bath and grooming themselves in the fountain every morning. Create a seating arrangement I’m sure you want to have a corner in your rooftop garden, where you can just relax, read a book or do some other work. So for that, the major things that you’ll need are cosy furniture. If you want the seating arrangement to be too formal or sober, opt for a complete sofa set. And, if you want to seating arrangement to be a bit funky, then purchase a few bean bags along with a bright and quirky looking rug. You can also add a coffee table in between and don’t forget to add proper lightings.  Add some ornaments Just like your rooms, the garden area too requires a few ornaments that can make it look amazing.

When you visit a garden improvement store, you will come across numerous garden ornaments Melbourne ranging from statues to birdbaths and even urns and lanterns. If you ask me, what’s my personal favourite ornament then I would definitely say garden statues Melbourne as they have the ability to add a "classy-quotient" to any garden. The kind of statues I prefer the most are usually made of marble.  Purchase some attractive pots If you have been thinking that pots are just mere elements that can help you grow your plants, then you are seriously mistaken. Pots Melbourne also acts as décor element. Hence, when choosing pots and planter boxes, make sure you pick the ones that are attractive enough. The pots that generally fall under the attractive categories are the ones made from terracotta or stone. So, you can buy both or any one of these two pots to deck up your garden. So, these were some of the elements that can help you enhance the beauty of your rooftop garden. Hope you liked these ideas and will implement them. Thank me later, if these ideas work wonders for you!  Author bio: If you want to buy fountains Melbourne or garden statues Melbourne to revamp the garden, then read Jen Aldrin’s articles. You will also get to know about famous gardening stores that sell pots Melbourne and other garden ornaments Melbourne.

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