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The light body is designed on the basis of fluid dynamics

Posté le 7/11/2019 à 04:19 - poster un commentaire

According to the mode of power supply: City circuit lamp, solar street lamp and wind-solar complementary street lampLed street light china productsSL01&China Machinery Parts Castings9679; Use imported integrated LED, high light efficiency, slow light depreciation&Pump valve accessories Castings Manufacturers9679; Die-casting aluminum shell, surface electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion treatment● The structure of the people-oriented design concept, easy for installation and maintenanceSL02 ● The light body is designed on the basis of fluid dynamics, simple and decent, UV-resistance and corrosion treatment applied to the surface● Modular designed, the power can be customized, meet the needs of various occasions● Dustproof light body is helpful for LED dissipation, so the LED light can be worked on the best temperature environment, ensure the lamp source and power supply working timeSL08● High performance aluminum (ADC12) die-casting lamp heatsink with good thermal conductivity.● Aluminum heatsink housing using Akzo Nobel powder coating or Dupont powder coating with high temperature baking process after polishing, cleaning, oil removal, repairing, sandblasting, with clear and gloss surface and strong corrosion resistance. ● The chip bottom of heat conducting surface processed by CNC machine to be smooth after heatsink powder coated, make the SMD and heatsink surface to be coincided with better heat conducting and heat dissipating.SL10● Integrated die-casting structure, all-metal lamp housing, reasonable design and beautiful shape.● By using modular pluggable technology, make field servicing be done with only simple tools● Achieve efficient heat dissipation performance by using Hot Honeycomb Principle and Full Structure Heat Dissipation Technology.● Reach IP67protection level by using double coupling technology, super-high waterproof and dust-proof.The future of Led street light chinaIn the future, the LED street lamp driving power supply will # also develop rapidly with the rapid promotion of the LED street lamp. It will be an opportunity for the LED street lamp driving power enterprises with technical and financial strength as # support.
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