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Wildstar Gold in the preparatory stages30/3/2015
Xu Ming and Chinese Football Wildstar Gold Association a furore late last year may make him among ordinary people in China's most famous entrepreneur. On the financial front, Xu Ming taking stakes in the success of last year's Pacific insurance. Which he has high hopes of the petrochemical industry is still in the preparatory stages. Pacific construction there are various types of infrastructure orders of 200 billion yuan, sales revenue in 2005 an estimated 30 billion dollars. "And Xu ming of ranking is eighth bit, although than himself of last year declined has two bit, but is than Yan Jie and high out two bit for like Xu Ming such has so wealth of people, Dalian shide Football Club in he eye in the just is a small sector, is for home elders" find Le "game just, is himself in home of image engineering, or said is personal hobby just. If Xu Ming really wants to turn success into Asia's Premier Club, at least he can let his side financially compete with Saudi giants Al Ittihad team, or even can do much larger and stronger than Al Ittihad Club. However, Xu Ming currently does not seem to see business opportunities to expand the shide Football Club, so he just put on the limited attention in football on a big number of clubs, as a businessman, he does not seem to do only things that only inputs not outputs in Chinese football, said Xu Ming referred to millionaires, and we have to mention Mr Yin. Although no Yin Mingshan in ten billionaires name, but we could not ignore his wealth by Forbes Chinese version officially released 2005 in Shanghai, China philanthropy list, ranked 18th in the list is donated NT $ 6.46 million yuan of lifan Group President Yin Mingshan. According to Yin Mingshan, introduce yourself, he has supported a national 40Much hope glory primary school, today donated more than 40 million Yuan to the society, including support for poor students, with an annual donation of nearly 7 million Yuan for his lifan Football Club, a lot of people think that he is the Group's propaganda.

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