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Tworowski - Live Electronic Designer - Max-MSP

16/1/2008 - MMS user's guide - last update (english version)

As the title says, here is the last update of the english version of the MMS sequencer's User's Guide.

Fichier joint: tworowski_MMS_Guide_Eng.txt

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7/1/2008 - Looking for a job in Montreal (or around)

Hello everyone.

I’m the developer of MMS and many other softwares in Max-MSP/Jitter. Since I’m 9 years old I’ve always wanted to move to Montreal and make my life there. Why ? Mostly because I really love this place and its dynamism. I’m now almost 32 and I really do think it’s time for me to move there to work and develop lots of things. I can speak/write/read French and English. I can write programs in C, Macintosh Common Lisp and Max-MSP/Jitter. I have really good practice  of sound recording, treatment, mixing… etc. If you have anything in which you think I could fit, please contact me. I’m ready to take off fast. Don’t hesitate to ask for my CV, I’ll be glad to send you any information you’ll need.

Thanks a lot in advance

Tworowski Sébastien.

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