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Auto Diagnostic Tool Guide

20/6/2024 - 2023 BYD Han R7F701621+24C16 (8-Pin) Mileage Correction with CG100X

Now BYD's new models make an exception to store the data in the CPU and 8-Pin at the same time, if we modify the 8-Pin data separately, the original number will be restored after loading the car and powering it. BYD's 2023 Han and 2023 Song models are stored in the form of R7F701621+24C16. Today we take 2023 BYD Han DM-i Champion Edition as an example to show you how to correct mileage by CGDI CG100X Programmer.

1.Record the original mileage (i.e. 197300KM)

2.Disassemble dashboard

3.Modify 8-Pin chip data

Connect CG100X and computer via USB cable

Run CG100X software, select Dashboard>> BYD AUTO>> HAN>> 2020-24C16

Make sure the chip is connected stably

Then click “Start operation”

Follow the on-screen prompt to read data, save data, input new mileage and modify data one by one

We also can use EEPROM Adapter (8-Pin no disassemble) to connect with CGDI CG100X to operate. No need to disassemble, save time and effort!

CG100X software will automatically analyze the mileage information of the data. If the error is too large or the mileage is invalid, please cancel the current operation and contact CG engineer at the first time. If there is no error or small error, then we can proceed to the next step, enter the new mileage value (i.e. 76385), and click "OK".

4.Read and write CPU data

Read the CPU data after confirming the cable connection. Because the number of mileage groups in the CPU data is not fixed, the software does not add the algorithm for the time being. We need to send the read CPU data to CG engineer (QQ: 800163968) before writing.

5.Install dashboard back to the car for verification

After the data is repaired by CGDI CG100X successfully, remove the welding wire, the 8-pin chip is welded back to the motherboard, the instrument is loaded into the car, check whether it is wrong, if necessary, you can drive for a run. The following meter shows the correct mileage (76385KM) which is the same as we modified.

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