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23/8/2019 - That search robots came on your site is more often

It is desirable to use it in different cases and to rearrange in word-combinations. Switch-off all autoreplacements in text editor MS Word (or in what you use). That search robots came on your site is more often and in an index of search systems there were the freshest versions of pages, it is necessary to update is more often them, in fact search robots react to any change of volume of page more Peter Fox SEO-copyrighting is a creation of texts which meet three requirements: "

Optimization for search systems " Convenience of perception{recognition} to visitors of a site " Prompting to activity of readers Thus very important requirement - a unique interesting content.01 recommended w3c, "i" or "b" concern to a font, and "em" and "strong" - to the text. Instead of tags "i" and "b" it is better to use "em" and "strong", that confirms the lead experiment. Together with obligatory attribute alt in a tag of images "img" it is desirable to register attribute title, as in some browsers (for example, Mozilla), in the emerging help to a picture the text from attribute title is displayed. First of all, it will tell to the robot of the search machine that on your site there is a helpful information, and similar is not present on other sites.

Check up, whether all the ways long allocation of keywords in the text on page are used. And addition of new pages and duplication of headings of news of a site on the main page is considered even more important and for development of a resource, and for maintenance of high positions in search systems. If to operate cautiously and to not close the text useful to the user, it is possible to achieve occurrence beautiful snippets in search delivery.© 2006, Allin4. That is these tags, unlike "i" and "b", are applied and to semantic allocation, and not just visual. And also it is desirable to place keywords in a bottom of page as Google the special attention turns on top and a bottom of page. For prohibition of indexation of the superfluous text (for example, the menu of navigation, a greeting) it is possible to use a tag .

Tags of heading "h1" are warp knitting machine manufacturers for not abusing, differently such manipulation is classified as a spam. To allocate the text with other font or color - for search systems has no value (except for a case when color of the text coincides with color of a background). By the way, the tag of the list "li" too raises weight of keywords. In specification HTML 4. In the first paragraph the keyword should be obligatory

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