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• 11/1/2017 - The 75-Word Endorsement: Adidas Terrex Trail Cross

Looking for a versatile outdoor shoe that’s perfectly equipped for both mountain biking and mountain hiking? adidas superstar sale Look no further than this sturdy shoe ($140,, which boasts an aggressive, grippy rubber outsole for climbing over tricky terrain and a tough, breathable upper to keep your feet cool whilst flying downhill on two wheels. The burly, perforated toecap provides additional comfort/protection and—for the flashier adventurer—it’s also available in the striking colorway you see below.

Adidas Star Wars Sneaker Collection

adidas originals Adidas has married two oft-maligned subcultures in a way that, at first blush, seems ridiculous. But, after some consideration, it doesn’t take much Force at all to get these two groups together.

The groups, of course, are Star Wars geeks and sneaker collectors, and Adidas’s collection is, predictably, called the Originals x Star Wars Collection. It idea is to take classic Addidas favorites from their retro line and redesign them to be themed as favorite characters from the Star Wars universe.

adidas alphabounce They’ll be available from Adidas retailers in January of 2010, and the characters are…
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• 26/12/2016 - Why Buy Toddler Nike Shoes?

nike free Many parents buy popular "grown-up" brands of shoes for their babies and toddlers. The tiny versions are admittedly extremely cute. They can also be very expensive.

But did you know that these kinds of shoes actually aren't the best choice for toddlers?

Toddlers are, by definition, learning to walk. They are unsteady on their feet, and balance is a huge issue. While pediatricians and other experts recommend that "barefoot is best" at this stage, it often isn't practical to go barefoot except at home.

The best shoes for little ones are very flexible, with sturdy but soft soles. The tough rubber of most tennis shoes and other "grown-up" brands is meant to be very inflexible -- exactly the opposite of what your toddler needs.

nike air odyssey These inflexible shoes actually make it harder for your toddler to walk -- resulting in more falls and more tripping because their tiny feet can't feel what's underneath. In flexible shoes your child's feet will still be protected, and he will be able to move safely and steadily.

It's extremely important that toddler shoes fit properly. When thick-soled shoes are even a little too large -- like when a parent buys them "with room to grow" -- they aren't as comfortable as the ones that fit. They wear unevenly. These shoes get labeled as "ouchy" and then your toddler doesn't want to wear them at all.

If a shoe is too large, your toddler's balance will be off. He is likely to trip and fall more -- especially if the soles are thick and less sensitive to changes in the ground under his feet. Buying shoes that fit will be safer and much more fun for everyone as you treat fewer "owies" caused by tripping and falling.

nike air max 90 After years as a parent, I've learned that the real money saver is a well-made pair of shoes that actually fit well. I've also learned that shoes with flexible soles cause the least amount of balance problems.

If you are thinking of buying Nikes or another "grown-up" brand of shoes for your toddler, consider whether your toddler will be as comfortable in these as he would be in shoes with more flexible soles.

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