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Alternative Dresses

16/8/2017 - Beach Wedding

Usually beach wedding will be held in the spring or autumn. We need to pay attention to the weather around the wedding date. If the beach wind is too high, we can choose a nice screen to keep out the see wind. In the meantime we need to avoid the strong sunlight time quantum.

Holding a romantic beach wedding is definitely many brides' wishes since they were children. Blue sky, azure blue sea winter, floating cloud and clean-white sandbeach, no need other decorations, it is already full of romance and eternity.
For brides, it is better to choose light wedding dress. When sea wind coming, the dress will be graceful and elegant.
To match with such beautiful sea background, we still need prepare the tableware, food and stage, the main color tone should be blue which bring audience the feeling of simple, elegance as well as freshness.

Costume for wedding beach
For guest costume, you should let guests know that the wedding will be held on the beach so as to guide them with proper dress. Therefore it is necessary to write beach wedding on the invitation card.
For bride's dress, wearing a long and tier upon tier wedding dress will be too official and not matching to the fresh beach wedding style. It's better to wear simple design, light and lively wedding dress. To avoid sweating, choose a light, thin and good breathable fabric is very important, such as, organdie organdy, chiffon, and crepe. Remember not to use silk fabric, because it is very thick, and unfit to the outdoor beach wedding.
As for shoes, high-heeled shoes are not suitable for beach. Walking on the beach with bare foot, or choose a nice flat shoe can be OK.

Beach wedding layout
Sea, of course is the splendid scenery, therefore other furnishings should be focus on the blue color. Other color should be matching with white or yellow. For example, we can use light blue chiffon to wrap the pure white chairs, and use same quality and color fabric to make the canopy. The corner of the wedding site should be wrapped with exquisite light yarn. Flowers arch in the beach, white rose and small silver bells will bring the romantic atmosphere.

After you read the brief introduction for the wedding, do you have interests in holding a beach wedding?

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11/8/2017 - Have A Gothic Wedding

Wedding always show your personality. If you are a goth, you may like to a Gothic wedding. And many couples are choosing to incorporate Gothic elements into their wedding.

Some people like to choose whole Gothic events in weddings, while some would like to choose to use a few special Gothic elements into the wedding. Some couples select Gothic engagement rings, others use specifically chosen or designed dresses or decoration and some include other special and unique touches on the wedding cake or favors. By incorporating one or all of these elements into your wedding, you can create a Gothic wedding that displays your personality.
For a couple with Gothic tastes, selecting Gothic rings may be an option. Gothic style is generally classified by dark colors and the use of symbols. These dark colors may be incorporated into wedding and engagement rings through the use of dark metals such as dark titanium or tungsten. Gemstones also commonly play a factor in Gothic wedding rings.
Gothic dress is another way that couples can incorporate Gothic elements into their Gothic wedding. There are many kinds of Gothic wedding dresses allow the bride to choose and they can come in a variety of colors including white, purple, black, emerald green and blood red. Selecting a Gothic dress allows the bride to showcase her individuality and feel comfortable in a dress that she loves.
What's more, you may want to consider decorating with Gothic colors or symbols. Gothic symbols and colors could easily be incorporated into your wedding cake. You could incorporate a Gothic symbol on a favor bag or favor. There are many different options to consider as you plan your Gothic wedding.
Hope you can have a great Gothic wedding!

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