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3/7/2019 - rice Cal Ripken Jersey

by Diao Ze, Gan Chun

BRUSSELS, July 17 (Xinhua) -- From engagement rings to extravagant jewelry, the Diamond District in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp is a top destination for diamond shopping in Europe.

Rome wasn't built in one day. What makes Antwerp the city of diamonds? Due to its tradition of craftsmanship, the city is acknowledged throughout the world as the trademark for diamond excellence.

"Nowadays people are buying things from wholesale.. We still make everything handmade," Mike Rombout, owner of Rudiam handmade Jewels company, told Xinhua.

Rombout inherited the company from his father, and the company represents two generations of jeweller-diamond dealers and has been at the heart of the Antwerp diamond center for more than 35 years.

The philosophy of the company is simple -- personal approach and everything has to be handmade, of supreme quality and tailored to the clients' needs, Rombout said.

He said that from drawing to ring-making, everything starts with the metal. "We make what the customers have asked for. We make drawing together with the customer, we choose the stone and discuss about the budget," he said.

At Rombout's boutique, clients can choose the model they like from the existing collections, which they can adjust according to their needs, or they can come by with the idea they already have.

However, the sharp competition on the diamond market is also putting pressure on companies who remained true to its values and purely handmade work. Some enterprises introduced machines to their production, so they are able to produce higher quantity for cheaper prices.

Rombout said in difficult times he would prefer to shut down the company other than start cheating on material or the way of production to stay afloat.

The Rombouts' business is one of 2,300 companies operating in the diamond sector.

Some 80 percent of diamond trade in the world is through Antwerp. The city is also the only city to have four diamond exchanges out of 30 in the world, and is the place for 84 percent of the global trade in rough diamonds and 50 percent of the trade in polished diamonds.

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) officially represents and coordinates the Antwerp diamond sector. It streamline the vast import and export flow of diamonds in and out of Antwerp.

"A diamond is always determined by its four C's, four characteristics. First you have the weight, one carat is 0.2 grams, then you have the color, the clarity and the cut. For the cut you have different shapes, but you also look at how well the polisher did his job," Barbara Descheemaecker, from the Antwerp World diamond Centre (AWDC), told Xinhua.

To achieve the final shape, diamond has to go from rough stone through polishing process. The designers and professional diamond cutters measure what form certain stones can be given.

Peter Bombeke, a third generation diamond cutter, has recently introduced the "dragon cut", which, based on Chinese lucky number eight, brings about sixty four facades for a diamond.

"The actual cut took me a couple of months... It is very shiny, more shiny than a brilliant. Because you have those facades, with more and extra detail, you get the shift in the light return, making it look much whiter that it really is," Bombeke told Xinhua.

Despite challenges from modern technology and machinery, the traditional craftmanship of processing diamonds in Antwerp is still among the most prestigious and advanced in the world. As long as people still see diamonds as a symbol of love or a way to demonstrate wealth, the city of diamonds will continue to shine.

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3/7/2019 - the lenders Tevin Coleman Womens Jersey

Getting in bankruptcy is a great hassle for equally the lenders Tevin Coleman Womens Jersey , creditors and for debtors. Bankruptcy means that the creditors haven acquired their share of money and for the borrowers it means that they are not financially stable to give back what they owe to other folks. In these kinds of a scenario dreaming about a car loan is next to putting oneself into a lot more debt.

The reason why many bankrupt individuals who are still in bankruptcy want to safe a car loan is because they want to improve their credit rating by paying off the auto loan on time and regularly. This will support them to start developing up their credit rating even ahead of the bankruptcy proceedings are through so that at a future date when they want to indulge in financial transactions they do not face any major issues. Auto loans bankruptcy loan providers mainly operate by way of on-line car finance web sites and supply loans only when they are fully confident about the person financial background, his bankruptcy status and whether he will be able to repay the loan on time. All these factors are regarded only when the correct method has been followed by the bankrupt individual to get permission from the necessary authority to avail auto loans bankruptcy while even now in bankruptcy.

Men and women wanting to secure car loans after bankruptcy need to have not fret too much about their past as there are many on the web subprime auto loan lenders that specialize in supplying car loans after bankruptcy. But locating reliable lenders who will agree to finance auto loans bankruptcy for an individual who has filed chapter 13 or chapter seven bankruptcies is very hard. Heading on the web is the only answer for these men and women but even ahead of that the bankrupt individual has to complete number of actions to ensure that his actions are not misunderstood. Getting the best new or utilized car loan rates on auto loans bankruptcy throughout chapter 13 bankruptcy would demand the borrower to follow the payment schedule set up by the court appointed trustee. The court appointed trustee would analyze the amount of house involved and the individual cash flow and bills details and then figure out the amount of the month-to-month payment and the time period of repayment.

If the borrower is undergoing chapter 7 bankruptcy then he can apply for auto loans bankruptcy only when each and every 8 years. Under chapter 7 bankruptcy the individual will have to attend the 341 meeting with all creditors and lenders existing to qualify for the bankruptcy car loan process. This form of bankruptcy allows the borrower to reaffirm a personal debt for example a bankrupt individual can inform the court that he wants to exclude his car from bankruptcy and then after getting the permission he has to ensure that the total loan is repaid without any glitches.

Bankrupt individuals are suggested affordable utilised car loan rates rather than new car loans as utilised cars are easier to acquire and pay off due to the low price of the cars. Bankrupt individuals can also avail no credit auto financing and then construct up on the credit score for foreseeable future financial safety.

Antwan Kinney is a regular writer in which provides detailed information on car loans with bankruptcy and on Instant Car Loan related matters.

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