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    11/5/2018 - Nexon Employees need a Lot More training in Relation to MapleStory
    It has always been a joke within the community which the GMs who run this game have no clue what's actually occurring or provide false information because of not understanding what they're really performing, but in all honesty, that Maplestory Mesos is an issue that has to be fixed as soon as possible. Due to this absence of advice, when a brand new people hacking coach is launch along with a surge of players start botting and macroing and FMAing, nothing is done for them for a lengthy time. This causes irreparable harm to the servers they influence, while the majority of it may be avoided if two objects were to change:Educate GMs about the match and the community, and alter the EXTREMELY lenient ban rules to make sure hackers are appropriately punished for breaking ToS.

    Let's start the first of those two points using a story I have of a recent experience with internet GMs. This really happened throughout the Star Planet GM meetup, where GMs would play games with gamers on each server and just generally have a fantastic time. To strike up a conversation, I started speaking about Kraane and Daxi, the very first level 250 gamers on Reboot who managed to get there in an insane quantity of time - about three months after the release of this host. I requested the GM "so, what do you think about Kraane and Daxi hitting 250 as fast as they did?" And to my complete dismay, the GM which was supposed to take care of our host said "I've absolutely no idea who those folks are". I explained who they were, so that they had been amazingly popular players on the server to get the time and their amazing achievement and they reiterated that they literally had no idea who they were.

    This tells me something tremendously important directly from the top - GMs have never once looked at the servers' positions for the servers they're delivered to watch out. By proxy, this also means that they have no idea how to inspect the Dojo ranking boards in game, or how to check the Tower of Oz ranking boards. Any player who goes on any machine is readily able to tell which players ' hackers and which ones are not by glancing over the positions on these boards... because there is no way in hell that the 'finest' classes in the game are Blaze Wizards and Kinesis and they can clear Dojo faster than the most powerful player in most GMS can. That is legitimately hopeless, but GMs would never know that.

    How do I literally walk up to a GM and attempt to mention that the most powerful Maplestory2 Mesos players in the entire host, the server they are supposed to understand enough to be able to handle and safeguard from hackers and they are not able of working with a tool that ANYONE CAN USE AT ANY TIME? There is a serious lack of knowledge and information provided to the folks running our sport that simply allows people to misuse the machine more and more to their own profit, and certainly nothing happens about it.

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    11/5/2018 - we do not plan on abandoning the Tera game however
    TERA's event marathon will kick off on 1 May 2018 with both community and Tera Gold game events, for example anniversary loading display contests and dual guild quest benefits. En Masse Points (EMP) and narrative items will be on sale for the length of the event month, while new "puzzle items of titanic proportions" will be released at precisely the same moment.

    There is no obvious indication these items may be though, but they'll be introduced during the next week of the event marathon, beginning on Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Other takeaways include "Bigger, Better BAM" searches that will take place during the same time period as the mystery item debut.

    Matt Denomme, the Senior Product Manager, noted that there are "no signs of quitting" even though the past couple of months have been hectic due to releasing the Tera game on consoles in addition to launching a major update for PC, called Godsfall. He also announced "plenty more intriguing things" for TERA for the rest of 2018 and later on, which is a polite way of saying "we do not plan on abandoning the Tera game however".

    En Masse employees are also actively roaming the Tera game's world and locating them on their journeys will award Tera Players a scarf. While finding the employees will be rewarded for your most of the month, there are particular days this occasion won't be active. You may consult this event schedule for more info. In order to get a scarf, Tera Players will want to ask the workers to spawn one in their stock. The scarf is going to be a limited period item, so this may be the only chance to get it.

    There are, however, events that will also be hosted from the Tera Gold Xbox One game throughout the anniversary month. This includes screenshot and the aforementioned loading display artwork contests.

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