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    6/8/2018 - Final Fantasy XIV's Dragon Hunter alliance was a decade in the making
    Both much-loved franchises are a couple of the greatest in Japan, and Final Fantasy XIV Gil also their latest matches are among the most successful on the planet right now. The idea of the two coming together is huge.What no-one realised at the time was the alliance did not only come from nowhere, or from the accountancy offices of the two firms looking to profit on each other's popularity--it was a decade in the making.

    Talking to Sun Online, show producer and manager Naoki Yoshida -- known to his fans as Yoshi-P -- explained how it came about.To understand it, you need to go back to 2010 when Final Fantasy XIV was first released. It was Square Enix's next major foray into the massively multiplayer role-playing game market after Final Fantasy XI, and it had been awful. Not just somewhat bad, but terrible.

    Fans were outraged, the media was utterly scathing, along with the project looked doomed. Yoshida was quickly brought on board as a new director to try and fix the game. At the time, a buddy who he'd met two years before, Ryozo Tsujimoto, attempted to talk him out of what he saw as career suicide by taking with this broken mess of a match.

    Then he offered Yoshida any support he wanted.

    In the time Yoshida turned him down, realizing that if he accepted the offer at the point then any success would just be riding his competitor's coat-tails, and that the game would never figure out how to stand by itself. However, the friends agreed that a single day,"once the matches were on a level playing field" they'd make it occur.

    Yoshida set about his hopeless task. He and his team tried patching the original game, but immediately realised it was an impossible task due to the terrible condition of the game and the back-end systems.As he puts it, at that time there was barely any content, the user interface was dreadful, and lovers had a very simple message: this isn't a Final Fantasy game.

    Square Enix contemplated scrapping the entire thing and being done with ffxiv wiki classes, but ultimately Yoshida set about a much more ambitious project. While maintaining support for the first and its long-suffering gamers, the team set about building a totally new game in parallel with the original.

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    6/8/2018 - This satellite thing may really be something
    First off, it's important to not fear: matches are big, unwieldy beasts, and strange things can happen for a variety of factors. But in this specific case, things have appeared strange since yesterday. Epic usually declares the new update the day until it goes live, if that Fortnite materials update will require downtime or never. Epic's competitive content schedule means that has occurred every week for a long time now, but we did not hear anything yesterday. What looked like an oversight now seems somehow linked to whatever is the reason for the Week 5 challenges to hang at 0 seconds.

    Again, this type of matter is far from unheard of in games-as-service: weekly content updates are a large task for any programmer, and it's not shocking that there could be the occasional hiccup even from a programmer with Epic's technical competence. The eyes of the world are on Fortnite at the moment, however: it's the current trend, which includes a degree of scrutiny. We've contacted the programmer for comment and will update with any new details. Hopefully, it is fixed soon.

    To begin with, you will observe that anything is in there's begun glowing red, a sure sign that it is mysterious, awesome, wicked, or some combination of all 3. My colleague Paul Tassi responded only with"Megatron," saying it looked as an evil robot. Either could make sense with the whole"it came from outer space" notion.

    The comet was the big narrative bit of the map in Season 3. It started out small and got bigger over the duration of the Season, eventually raining down meteorites that soon began to crash into the ground and destroy structures. When it eventually landed it broke Dusty Depot into Dusty Divot, and today it's sitting within this government research center.

    This meteorite is the closest thing we have to a constantly evolving piece of the map 4, at least so far. It is not quite as striking as the comet, however, that stays a stroke of genius. The speculation here's a little to broad, and the possible effect on the sport a little too opaque. That's what was good about the comet: it was right there at the skies for everyone to view, and it was clearly building up to a sort of impact, though people had no idea when or where. This satellite thing may really be something, and so it is a bit more difficult to speculate on just exactly what it will be weapons.

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