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22/4/2019 - Its put a season style in MLB The Show 19
F in stupid! I want to play a shorten time because of my teams dont have time for a full 162 games also I love to use various teams!! Im pissed,rather than purchasing it again Its put a season style in MLB The Show 19 Stubs!! Folks have lifes we dont have enough time to get f in complete season and I dont give a shit about !! or hotdog costs I want to play season modes with various teams!! Im nrver gonna purchase your game! I had everone of them ! You just lost a client!!!? All the things they've changed mean nothing,what they need to correct is if you hit the ball in the middle of the sweet spot of the bat,the ball must out with the maximum exit speep, and at the way that you hit the ball further of the sweet spot the depart speep have to decrease the speed.

Did they fix the projecting? The problem for me using 18 was pitching the ball goes all around the area and the pitching alternatives are also useless like the analog along with the pulse along with there is not any control at which you would like them time the meter 25, you cant place pitches. The pitching is awful that they need to fix it to where it's a lot easier and fun to play because its unplayable you cant play a baseball game without being able to pitch Super mega baseball two gameplay despite being a cartoony game is much more enjoyable and gratifying the pitching is perfect and enjoyable to play also the hitting needs to be done better Super mega baseball 2 has such a wonderful feel when hitting you really feel like a monster once you hit a homerun MLB the show just doesn't feel as smooth if they fixed the broken pitching I could play with it but there's not any way to play a baseball game with no control this is why I have been appreciating super mega baseball more it provides a much greater baseball encounter gameplay is ideal.

For the bluejays you picked Kevin Pillar and I saw someone remark Vlad Gurrero (He has not played an mlb game yet lmao), my question is how did you not say Justin Smoak, Kevin Pillar is not even that great, all he has is rate to generate diving plays, he doesn't have the ideal arm and he isn't a fantastic hitter.Batting 7th to cheap MLB The Show 19 Stubs a bad team proves Pillar can not hit. Justin Smoak can play defence at 1st Base as a few 1st Basemen are extremely poor at fielding and Smoak his your average hitter. You folks need to educate yourselves.That steve Finley is the way to go for me personally, a great hitting stats touch and electricity plus good fielding, fielding will be crucial in 19 therefore I would enjoy my first diamond to be able to play decent defense.

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19/4/2019 - The Elder Scrolls Blades is rather moderate
The issue here is that the silver torso is extremely common (the reward for the majority of jobs) so now I've 6 gold chests and 24 silver chests (I did utilize gems for buy The Elder Scrolls Blades Items more space when I didn't know better) which means that I can only open 1 chest every 3 hours during the day and after I go to bed I get to start a gold one. I don't enjoy doing jobs without having the maximum benefits from it so I would have to play every 3 hours, time which the majority of us don't have.

I have gotten to the point where I don't care about silver chests anymore however there is a problem whenever I get a pursuit that provides a golden chest or higher and that is that my torso storage is restricted so whenever I get one I would have to cover to open it straight, pay for more torso space or give the chest up. I would very much like to provide up a silver chest for the chest but I can't, because you can't discard chests. I want a option to sell or discard surplus chests. So you could gather up a couple wood chests to start in between the silver chests and decreasing the silver torso timer into 1 hour from 3 hours would be quite ideal.

Yes you don't get loot immediately as you would in most pc/console games) but this is a mobile game that you mostly play through excess time (during breaks, before going to bed possibly, toilet room visits, commuting to tasks ) so having a wait time in between shouldn't be much of a problem unless you want to play always, which you can, it merely restricts you somewhat with all the waiting mechanic. All in all I think it could be improved upon but it is not yet terrible because all players have access to them. I have played other cellular games where you can only open certain chests or packs if you a premium subscription participant and also then you usually have to The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold cover with more in-game superior money to open the packs and chests, the chests in The Elder Scrolls Blades is rather moderate in comparisson.

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