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      19/2/2019 - Clothing thermal transfer printing method

      According to the demand of iron on transfer printing market, the most useful printing methods are:

       (1) gravure printing machine printing disperse dyes, the advantages are: printing paper low cost, exquisite pattern expression, strong sense of layering, full pattern. Suitable for mass iron on transfer printing production. Disadvantages: plate making cost is high, low - volume personalized products competitiveness.

       (2) offset press printing offset printing ink, sublimation printing ink with a printer, after the natural drying, with this paper iron on transfer to the need to print fabrics. Advantages: because of its use of ps plate printing, plate cost is low, the cost is low, suitable for small batch printing products. Drawback: the color depth after printing gets very good control hard, if you want to do dress when heat transfer is printed, have to consider one time, because any a dress, also have two pieces of cloth make it at least, think about: dress before and after piece color differs bigger circumstance, how does this dress still sell? What to wear?

       (3) digital thermal transfer printing, advantages: the pattern expression is more delicate than any one of the transfer printing printing, layering sense is very strong, the pattern is unusually full, but also because of no plate printing, completely eliminate the other printing methods brought by the color register is not allowed or block the disadvantages. Disadvantages: although there is no charge, but printing ink and paper costs, so far, only suitable for small batch personalized products to do transfer printing.

       (4) silk-screen sublimation printing ink, this transfer printing method, plate making cost is low, sublimation printing ink is not expensive, but because the printing version is screen version, pattern edge trading burr, not suitable for characters, scenery and other delicate pattern printing.

      iron on letter number

       welcome to to make your own iron on transfer

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      18/2/2019 - .The role of heat transfer stickers

      As long as a computer, a printer equipped with iron on transfer ink and a pyrograph equipment can be on any solid object, any surface to print the iron on stickers image as you like, clear pattern, bright color, realistic effect, strong adhesion and other characteristics. Can accept a variety of personalized customization, on-site production, widely used, everything!

       1, personal life products: large and small, all aspects, fashion personality transformation!

       Can be in the cup, blank T - shirt, mobile phone shell, mirror, key chain, pen, penholder, calendar stand, picture frame, racket, makeup box and other printed personality patterns.

       2, fashion bedroom supplies: gently a print, fashion home!

       Can be in sofa, tea table, kitchen cabinet, chandelier, ashtray, vase decoration, lithographs, glass paintings, POTS and pans printed personality patterns.

       3, business, home and other indoor building materials: highlight extraordinary fashion choice!

       Can be in the door, window, floor, handle, stick wall board, name card box, etc.

       4, all kinds of electronic products: personality claims, everywhere!

       Can be in telephone, video, DVD, television, air conditioning, speakers, remote control, mouse, clocks and other printed personality patterns.

       5, car supplies: different, is fashion!

       Can be printed in the instrument panel, paper towel box, cup holder, tape holder, viewing mirror frame, handle, car lock and other personalized patterns.

      custom iron number patches

      welcome to to make your own iron on transfer

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