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What You Should Expect a Car Service Checklist to Include

Having your car serviced and checked regularly is one way of extending the life of your vehicle and increasing the safety of your journeys. Knowing what is included in a car service helps ensure that any work done on your car is carried out correctly and all necessary checks are completed. Keeping your car well maintained and problem free is vital so having it regularly serviced is a must. Typically your car should receive a thorough service every 12,000 miles or 12 months - whichever is sooner.

Different cars have different service requirements; the car service checklist of a modern day saloon is different to the checklist of a classic sports car for example Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.

A general car service checklist typically includes checking safety critical items such as brakes, suspension, tyres and mirrors. Topping up fluids, including brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and clutch fluid. Replacement of engine oil and check for any oil leaks. An inspection on the underneath of the vehicle including the exhaust system. Replacement of air filter, fuel filter (diesels only) and oil filte

Here are a few items of inspection on a Car Service Checklist:

Oil - Forgetting to change the oil can cause major damage to the cars engine as it loses its viscosity launch x431 pro plus. Topping up the oil is a simple process of checking the engine oil dipstick and checking the oil level. The oil level should be at the "full" mark, any lower then it needs topping up. If the oil colour is way too black, it's in need of changing. If it's slightly brown, it's ok. If you're not comfortable with doing this yourself don't worry, this check and many more are carried out at car servicing centre such as those found on It is widely considered that your oil should be changed every 6000 miles and at least once a year.

Filters - Running your car with dirty filters can greatly reduce the cars performance which then affects your mileage. Replacing the air filter, oil filter & fuel filter (diesel only) will reduce these effects and ensure your car runs as it should do.

Lights - A car service checklist will also include checking the operation of interior and exterior lighting. This includes the headlights, indicators, rear lights and not forgetting the number plate lights.

Brakes - One of the most fundamentally important items on a Car Service Checklist is to ensure the brake system is working. If the depth of the brake pads is too little they need replacing, also ensure the discs do not become glazed.

Tyres - The conditions of your tyres should be checked regularly, especially if you're a high mileage driver as the wear and tear on your tyres (and other parts) increases. It is illegal for your tyre tread depth or tyre pressure to be too low and fines can reach up to £2500 and 3 penalty points per tyre!

Anti Freeze - Anti freeze isn't just used when the temperatures drop, it also acts as a coolant in the summer so it's important to keep it topped up year round. A full car service or interim service will top up your anti freeze if needed.

Please only attempt to service your car if you have the proper knowledge and tools, otherwise allow a trained professional to service your vehicle to ensure a safe, thorough service is performed. You can find a nearby garage and book a car service online at

Phil Cahill is an expert in the area of car maintenance and car servicing. He works for a company that specialises in providing cheaper car servicing throughout the UK. For more information, please visit their site,
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What You Can Do to Keep Your Car Dent Free

Every car owner is extra cautious with his vehicle. We don't want it to get any damages but no matter how careful we are, accidents do happen whether we like it or not. We could not predict that there could be possible lunatic drivers who will just hit us even if we're driving really slowly or maybe we've overlooked that there is huge object near the area and our car got hit by it TOPDON ArtiLink201. The possibilities are endless and so the best thing that we should do is to be prepared and ensure that we have a remedy if it happens. Good thing that nowadays there is what they call as paintless dent removal. This surely changed the entire repair business since it wouldn't just fix the car's damages but it would preserve its look - dent-free and looking brand new.

You see, there are numerous ways as to how one could be able to fix the dents in the car. First, there is the traditional repair shop. You could find them anywhere. Sure, they are able to fix the dents in your vehicle but it would take them days to do that which is inconvenient on your part since you won't be able to use your car for days. Plus, they offer higher rates. And also, they don't have their mobile service in which you sure need to visit their shop, wherever it may be.

Next step is the do-it-yourself repair. Of course, you could fix the dent just by yourself assuming you've read the guidelines in fixing the damages but then you also need to remember that if you'll take this option, you must have experience otherwise it will just worsen the situation of your car's damages. Finally, the last but definitely the best option is to ask help from professional technicians. They are the ones who practice using PDR or paintless dent removal. But then, PDR is solely for damages that are minor. For major problems, it would already require some massaging and other forms of repair. Now, if you'd like to go for this option, there are dent repair shops Launch X431 HTT. They are more than willing to help you out with your concerns. Some are known to give their customers excellent services and one of which is the mobile service wherein they will be the one who would go to your location and have your dented car get fixed. It would surely save you time and money.

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