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What Is a Long Block and How Is It Best Used

Repairing an engine by a complete overhaul is a popular way of maintaining tractor engines, and ensuring continuous problem free operation of heavy duty machines Autel Diaglink. However, the overhaul process can take a minimum of five (5) days if all of the parts are readily available for the overhaul, and typically approximately ten (10) days for the complete overhaul to be completed, with the additional time to procure the parts needed for the overhaul.

Depending on what needs to be repaired on the old engine, a complete block assembly engine, or a long block as it is sometimes called, can be faster repair job for a tractor engine that requires a new block and a cylinder head.

The short block comprises of the cylinder block and the crankcase connected by a connecting rod and precision heavy duty welding. The long block is the next level in engine repair, as compared to the short block. The long block has additional components that make repairs less tedious.

The most significant addition that makes up the long block is the cylinder head. This is bolted to the top of the cylinder block by head bolts and sealed with a head gasket. Depending on the engine model and manufacturing company, the cylinder head can contain a section of the combustion chamber. All will have the intake valves, exhaust vales, valve springs, valve keepers, and the rocker arm assembly. The rocker arm assembly comprises of the rocker arm shaft topdon td309, tappets, push rods, and the rocker arms. The camshaft assembly in the crankcase moves the push rods which mechanically operates the rocker arm assembly.

Both the long block and the short block will have the front gear train, with pulleys and chains. However, the long block will have the front plate, which is a protective covering for the gear train components.

In some models, the rear seal housing with the seal is provided. For example, the 6081 John Deere engine long block, this housing is provided as a part of the complete engine assembly.

The oil pump and oil pump accessories are another pertinent addition to the long block assembly. The exact location of the oil pump varies by engine type and manufacturer, however, a large percentage of oil pumps are fitted in the lower section of the crankcase, with an oil filler tube extending downwards into the area where the oil pan will be located. At the bottom of this filler tube, is fitted an oil strainer.

The long block would have been fitted internally with many gaskets, including the front gear train gasket, the oil pump gasket, the head gasket, and a few others. However, since there will be many engine accessories to be added to the external parts of the engine, a complete gasket kit is normally shipped with the engine assembly. This will include gaskets for the exhaust and intake manifolds, water pump, fuel pump and fuel transfer pumps.

For completely remanufactured engine assemblies that were rebuilt to OEM specifications, all internal components used in the rebuilt process will be new components, with the exception of the blocks, cylinder head, and crankshaft which are typically rebuilt to OEM specifications and reused.

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What Car Accessories Can Do For Your Vehicle

In this day and age, the car is one of the most prized possessions an individual may own. Therefore, it is quite natural to encounter a host of consumers looking for the latest in car accessories meant to elevate the appearance and performance of their vehicle. Some people have no idea where to start when seeking a new addition to their car, while others systematically tweak their automobile in regards to the six main categories of car accessories:

1) Exterior

The first thing an outsider sees when a car rides by is the exterior, which may display a custom paint job or personalized car accessories that grab the eye. Some people aim to produce the most unique car exterior by adding an assortment of car trimmings, including hood shields, customized headlight covers, window visors, and spoilers. Many car accessories are able to combine purpose with style, such as sunguards, which protect the rear window against harsh weather conditions. Other selections are simply for show, like fender flares, hood scoops, or decorative license plates.

2) Interior

Once inside of a vehicle, there are a host of car accessories that heighten the overall experience of a driver and their passengers. Most noticeably, seat covers allow car owners to make a statement, as a wide-range of possibilities on the market are made to match car colors and personality. Additionally, colorful and decorative shift knobs, racing pedals, mirrors, and steeling wheels further the interior of a car.

3) Performance

Depending on the type of vehicle owned, a consumer might place emphasis on speed, while another is looking for car accessories that cause their car purr while in motion. Offering better performance, as well as a higher level of appearance, car owners often purchase the latest in mufflers, carburetors, camshafts, and exhaust systems. In order to enjoy enhanced horsepower and torque, a variety of supercharger kits line the market.

4) Electronics

Car owners of today outfit their vehicles with accessories that deliver entertainment while the car is both in motion and standing still. DVD players, mobile video, CD players, audio sound systems, as well as video game capabilities continue to push the envelope. Another realm of electronics to consider for the car includes enhanced vehicle security systems, keyless entry, and remote starters.

5) Custom Wheels

While chrome wheels and other customized selections are now becoming more and more common in stock vehicles, numerous car owners still have their eye on changing the look of their wheels. Today, the market offers great options that range from spinning selections to lighted variations made by companies Autel Diaglink, such as Fierro, Helo, Golden Wheels, and Asanti.

6) Lighting Accessories

Changing the shape as well as size and color of car lighting is becoming an increasing trend amongst car owners. Some car accessories permit lighting to shine on the bottom of the vehicle, while customized headlights are often used to tie an entire car appearance together. When looking for something quite different Autel Maxisys MS908CV, TireFlys screw onto the valve stem of a car wheel and create an eye-catching "comet effect" that varies with speed. This colorful display is available in blue, green, red, as well as a patriotic red, white, and blue combination.

Terry Bolton is and internet publisher of automotive stuff. Read his useful and popular articles at
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