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Used Cars to Avoid

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is a smart move on many levels. A used car makes financial sense. There are lots of genuine user-written reviews, giving you an honest assessment of the vehicle. The engine has already been broken in, so if there were any major problems they would probably have already arisen. Gas mileage is already tried and tested, instead of the guessing game associated with a new vehicle. Plus, you are recycling! The carbon footprint of manufacturing a car to replace the new one you may have purchased is completely negated! When you're finish patting yourself on the back for deciding to purchase a used vehicle, listen to the sound advice we offer on pre-owned vehicles to be avoided. These lemons are known for issues and completely void all the savings incurred by your intelligent decision. Commit their model names to memory.

1998-2003 Chrysler Intrepid

The sleek lines of the Intrepid appealed to a lot of drivers. It was almost a sports car, but more useful and roomy. Unfortunately the engine became known for its ability to form sludge in the too-narrow passages of the head and block. The engine became oil-starved and eventually seized in a pungent display of smoke. The transmission failed at the drop of a hat. The front-end suspension dropped like a stone and the brakes lasted for mere weeks. The Intrepid may be fearless and bold, but be very cautious about purchasing one.

1995-2002 Ford Windsta

When the Windstar was first introduced to the market, buyers loved its utility features combined with comfort. Families bought into the five-star rating with enthusiasm and they were a hugely popular used vehicle purchase because the depreciation was so high. Don't let the price tag draw you in! Both the Windstar and the later released Freestar are known to mechanics far and wide for their transmission issues. Not just minor issues, big ones that begin with rolling after parking and clunking during a shift change. Steering pumps lost power for no apparent reason autointhebox coupon code, sensors quit at the most inconvenient times, CV joints broke and electrical bugs wreaked havoc. If you see one on the lot, run the other way. Run like the wind!

1999-2002 Saab 9-3

European cars have the attraction of looking different, having an atypical design and being just a little more ‘prestigious' than the average Toyota or Mazda. However they are also much more expensive to repair. If you have always wanted a European model, be prepared to pay a little more and make sure to find a model with a fabulous history. The Saab 9-3 and 9-5 models are not the ones. A serious design flaw put the catalytic converter directly under the oil pan. What happens to cooked oil? It gets thick and sludgy, great for clogging engines. The Saab turbo's are prone to seizing and the head gasket leaks frequently.

2003-07 Saturn Ion

Sadly, the Ion has been labeled as the model responsible for the demise of Saturn. The blame is probably deserved, but still sad. This little car began well. The dent resistant panels were popular, as was the trunk big enough to hold a body or two. The real trouble began when the electric steering would spontaneously cut out. Plus the slipping gears, failed transmission, sudden stalling and broken ignition switches. Surprisingly there are still a few Ions on the road, so it would be prudent to note that many dealerships have taken on the task of offering service for Saturn cars. Even with service facilities still available, there is nothing beneficial about the Ion to warrant it as a good purchase maxisys elite. The Ion is most definitely an icon of vehicular failure.

2002-05 Ford Explore

Let's begin with a statistic; during the "Cash for Clunkers" event in 2009, the number one vehicle to be traded in was the Ford Explorer. Owners were just itching to get rid of it. Here is why: frequent transmission failures, leaking coolant, fuel pump failure, numerous electrical faults, failed wheel bearings and ball joints, the list goes on. Do yourself a favor and "explore" another pre-owned vehicle.

There are many more used vehicles to avoid; this is just a baby-sized list. Do your research. Find a trusted mechanic and ask their advice about vehicles on your short list. And - brace yourself - talk to a car salesperson. They aren't all slimy polyester-suited, gold chain adorned; cigar smoking sleaze balls only out to get your cash in exchange for a hunk of lemon-infused rust. Most are highly trained individuals with real knowledge and genuine scruples. Take a leap. Trust a used car salesperson at a reputable dealership.

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