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• 11/9/2017 - Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

Every year during the holiday season TV, radio, newspapers and others talk a lot about the hazards of drunk driving and remind us to be careful. Extra police are on the streets and many cities set up sobriety checkpoints to catch drunk drivers on nights when there are likely to be more parties.

This extra focus reduces the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents and makes all of us safer on the road during the holidays.

Drunk drivers aren抰 the only hazard on the road during the holidays, though. While most of us would never dream of getting behind the wheel drunk, we could still be creating serious dangers without thinking about it Car Diagnostic Tool.

Holiday Madness

Juggling normal responsibilities with shopping, parties, and extra school events can make a normally safe driver a literal wreck. Even if you are always calm and collected, remember that other drivers may be more on edge than usual and take these precautions.

*Be extra patient and make allowances for other people and the mistakes they make. Don抰 forget to watch out for pedestrians as well as other drivers.

*Try to keep your attention on what you are doing. Not only could they cause you to make a mistake, but cell phones, eating and other distractions keep you from paying attention to other people and the silly errors they can make.

*Be especially careful in parking lots crammed with cars and pedestrians at this time of year. Take it a little slower than normal to avoid fender benders or worse.

*Take note of your emotions and consider taking a break if you get too stressed out, irritated or emotional. Get a cup of coffee or tea and relax for 10 minutes before you dive back in to the frenzy.

Holiday Fatigue

Another danger that is often forgotten, but also a huge problem during this hectic time of year, is driving while drowsy. Falling asleep at the wheel is obviously the most dangerous result Autel Maxisys MS908CV, but tired drivers also tend to be more irritable and impatient.

This year like normal there will no doubt be many people who leave work on Friday and start out on long-distance trips to be with family or friends. College students whose holiday break begin after classes on Friday may be headed home as well.

Here are some recommendations you should consider and pass along to family members and friends who may be traveling by car during the holidays:

*Don抰 start your journey tired. Be aware of the risks if you get up unusually early to start your trip or leave directly from work or school when you are tired.

*Plan your trip to include a 15-minute break every two hours.

*Make sure that you and everyone on your trip is carrying emergency contact information and valid identification.

*Share the driving if possible. Safety experts recommend switching off every three hours.

*You抮e too tired to drive if you start drifting from your lane, hitting rumble strips, yawning repeatedly, having difficulty focusing or keeping your eyes open, missing road signs or tailgating. Pull over to a safe place as soon as possible, drink a high caffeine drink and take a 15-minute nap.

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• 6/9/2017 - Three Ways to Save Money on Your Vehicle Repairs

You can't get away from maintenance and repairs if you own a vehicle. Okay, so you can get away from them, but not for very long. Put off even the simplest bits of maintenance and your vehicle won't last for more than 2,000 miles. While you need to keep your vehicle in good condition, you don't need to spend a fortune to do so. Want to know three ways to cut your repair bills? Keep reading to find out.
Three Easy Ways
Salvage Yards: Salvage yards are perhaps one of the best-kept secrets for vehicle maintenance. Salvage yards are home to hundreds and sometimes thousands of vehicles that are no longer wanted or have stopped working. You would be forgiven for thinking that a place full of broken cars is a horrible place to go to keep your car running. In reality Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, if you need used car parts in Florida, a salvage yard is your best bet.
Salvage yards allow you to search through hundreds of vehicles to find the part or parts you need for your own set of wheels. While the vehicle itself might not work, most of the parts inside the car will still be in great condition. All you need to do is remove the parts you want, pay a tiny finder's-fee, and you can take the part home. By pulling your own parts, you can spend less than a tenth the money you would from an auto store or dealership.
Off-Brand: The dealership wants you to take your vehicle to them and replace anything broken or worn out with factory-made parts. The reason for that is simpleâ€"they want to make more money. But you don't need to buy the official parts. There are a number of companies that provide vehicle parts and accessories for any car or truck imaginable. While they might not be official parts, you can know that they will perform just as well Autel MaxiCOM MK808, since they are made to do the exact same job. And best of all, they cost much less than parts from a dealership.
Do It Yourself: One of the best ways to save money is to do the work yourself. Every time you need an oil change or other basic bit of maintenance, you need to take your vehicle to a shop and have someone else do the job for you. When you do so, you need to pay the individual to work on your car.
But if you learn to do even a few things on your own, you can eliminate a huge chunk of your repair bill. Most maintenance is easy enough that anyone can do it. And when you add in used car parts in Florida, you can save even more.

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