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18/1/2018 - Used Maserati - The Maserati 3200

A few years ago I decided that I was going to buy myself a Maserati, as I have loved these sportscars with their wonderful Italian bloody for as long as I have been interested in cars. When I was little I used to aspire to own one of these cars, and I actually wasn't picky about what model I have. I think it was something to do with the logo, which I loved, and that distinctive long nose that all Maseratis had.

Of course, deciding that I am one day going to own a Maserati is a totally different place to actually buying one. After all, these are expensive cars and I am not in the highest earning job, so there was a high possibility that it would be a dream that never got the chance to become a reality. Thankfully I kept my eyes on the prize, and a few years ago I reached the point where I could actually afford a used Maserati. I started my research online with my feasible yet still minimal budget, and eventually I decided that a model like the 3200 would be just what I needed, looking sporty yet at the same time suitable for everyday driving.

It wasn't just a matter of buying the first one I came across, of course, but eventually I found a 99 Maserati 3200 that was the right price and the right spec. Once I had taken it for a test drive I just know that it was perfect for me, and so I drove it and all its little imperfections hope with me. I think the price reflected the fact that it hadn't mean very well loved, but this car does still run brilliantly, so I could put up with a little bit of cosmetic damage Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, most of which I have had fixed since buying it anyway.

The car itself has such a huge personality autel, you can tell that it was bought aged and used rather than boring and new! I particularly enjoy showing off the twin-turbo 3.2 litre V8, which never fails to get appreciative noises and comments whenever I rev up the engine. In fact, I think the sound when the engine was turned on was one of the first things to sell the car too me - it was so much rawer and more aggressive than the quieter modern engines of today! Although powerful (and painfully inefficient, this is the price we have to pay for such a huge engine!), it probably doesn't manage to achieve the textbook acceleration speeds - but for a car that is now over 10 years old it does pretty well - and doesn't break down that often!

All in all this car has come to represent me to all my friends, and I doubt that they would recognise me if I turned up in a demure hatchback or god forbid a 4x4. I am and probably always will be a Maserati girl, and hopefully the 3200 will be my car for a good while longer!

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Maserati cars.
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