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If there is no physical strength for protection

Posté le 17/5/2017 à 04:33 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

If there is no physical strength for protection, according to the way Lewis shot, arms and wrist will be the lack of strength support, hit rate will be relatively low. Lewis in the NBA is not the kind of muscular militia, but his core strength is very good, this is the result of talent is hard training. Before the start of the draw, 14 teams that did not enter the playoffs will be ranked according to the regular season record Eric Fehr Jersey, the computer randomly assigned a different combination of numbers Nick Spaling Jersey, the worst record team to get 250 kinds of digital combinations, that is, they get the champion probability For the highest 25%. And so on, the record of the second difference of the team won the highest probability of 2 yuan, 19.9%, the third record of the team's probability of 15 Pascal Dupuis Jersey.6%, while the lottery in the lottery team can only be assigned to the best 5 group numbers, ie the probability is only 0.5%. Eastern Conference semifinal 7, the Celtics 115-105 victory over the Wizards, Celtics since 2012 for the first time to qualify for the Eastern Conference finals. Celtics bench center Kelly - Olliniic outbreak Phil Kessel Jersey, he played in the 28 minutes 14 shots in 10 scored 26 points and 5 rebounds and 4 assists, an NBA career playoff single game scoring high.

Before the lottery

Posté le 17/5/2017 à 04:33 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

Before the lottery, there will be Lottery team picks change Mike Condon Jersey. Such as the Nets, in 2013, a deal on Garnett and Pierce, they and the Celtics reached an agreement, the latter has the right to swap the first draft pick in 2017. So, although the Nets record the worst record, the highest probability of picking the champion Penguins Jersey Sale, but because of the deal in 2013, and now the opportunity to fall in the hands of the Celtics. This is the Celtics following the 2011-12 season again after the Eastern Conference finals, in the 2011-12 season in the Eastern Conference finals, they lost to the Heat of 3-4, when James is still the Heat. When asked about the Celtics is not a favored party, Horford said: "Of course, they are defending champion .This year's playoff for small Thomas, it is really not easy, in addition to his sister died The pain of his heart, his body also appeared on the pain, and today he is playing with the injury Trevor Daley Jersey. "I was injured, but this is the playoffs, so there is no excuse. "Said Thomas," I am going to be treated every day and I'm ready to play. " Since 1984, Olli Nick is the first in the playoffs tie-break in the bench scoring 26 + Celtics players. Wizards off the bench to get a total of 5 points Evgeni Malkin Jersey, was finished a burst of Olynik. When Ollinike end, the Celtics fans stand up and tribute to pay tribute, he is the green jersey to win the seven heroes.
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