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So this summer in the Wizards17/5/2017
So this summer in the Wizards, the urgent need to try to introduce a mobile center with excellent ability to better adapt to the backcourt guns and strengthen the team's strength. Very often, in the case of two teams similar strength Jeff Zatkoff Jersey, a difference will determine the outcome of the game. If Brooks can trust the team's bench Phil Kessel Jersey, if Ollini Nick is not turned out, if the projection of Wal-Mart can be slightly accurate Bobby Farnham Jersey, I am afraid that the last is the Wizards. Just reality is reality, there is no assumption at all. Green Shirt Army head behind the promotion, must be the Wizards lonely. West broke the first battle of the third quarter, Leonard injured leave, the Warriors in the case of 23 points behind the completion of the reversal, the key is to play an 18-0 attack wave. The attack wave is from the beginning of the defense Ron Francis Jersey, without the Leonard, the warriors can unbridled encirclement Adelaide, put him out of their own good attack area. Once Ade in the crucial position to catch the ball, the Warriors quickly double-teamed the other players to block the passing route. In the second half, they use this way many times to complete the steals, hit counterattack succeeded. This may be the most wonderful question of joint training, but every year of joint training will have a lot of strange problems. The team said that these problems will determine the player's ability to respond and create the ability, but also a better understanding of the player's personal life, but some problems are just making things difficult. Recently, the "HoopsHype" website surveyed many NBA players, including rookies and veterans, asked many of them to participate in joint training or draft was asked when the strange question, the following is the investigation of the record.
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After re-playing the tough defense17/5/2017
After re-playing the tough defense, the Warriors counterattack came out, by keeping the attack between them, they get more space, better shot opportunities. Game a speed, they entered the warriors familiar rhythm. So to the second half, the warriors three-pointers is 21 shots in 9, while the first half only 9 of 2 vote. So the first two games, the Warriors want to control the game, first of all to start from the defense, first with Drey Real - Green death pinch Ade, to prevent him from pulling the Spurs team attack. If Ade's state is excellent, the Warriors will come up with a double-team, which will test Adelaide's ability to pass again Justin Schultz Jersey. Many players say they are asked this question Daniel Sprong Jersey, obviously this is a Google out of the problem, because those companies in Silicon Valley, this question is often used as an interview topic. But at least it shows that the team has begun to learn from this model Brandon Sutter Jersey, the purpose is to get the players to respond Trevor Daley Jersey, creativity, problem-solving ability of some information.
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