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20/2/2020 - Using this technology we have the ability to change

  Dr Sangeeta Sahi is an inspiration. Not only is she a qualified medical doctor she also holds an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (a rare feat by anyones imagination!)   She is currently breaking ground in the field of Quantum Medicine and has been the catalyst for helping many people to heal their bodies of debilitating sickness, stress and addictive behaviourial patterns.   DS: Tell me a little more about Theta Healing and your upcoming London workshop.   SS: The technology is now available to show that in between our two physical strands of DNA are a number of electromagnetic strands. These strands lie dormant in most of us, but when activated they activate the cells to generate a whole new range of electrical impulses which stimulate the release of different chemicals to the brain. This facilitates an increased level of awareness at the sensory level and an awakening of powerful healing abilities at the physical level.   The Theta Healing workshop is designed to train people to bring their conscious minds into a theta state, which is when the brain waves are travelling at 4-7 Hz per cycle per second. In this state it is easy to connect to the Universal Energy Source, that space of Unconditional Love, of GRACE and to effect any changes, healings, manifestations that we choose to experience in any moment of our existence CONSCIOUSLY.   Everyone has a right to experience an instantaneous healing. If that is not experienced, it means that there are belief systems which are held in the subconscious mind which are preventing it. In the theta state of consciousness we are able to identify those beliefs and delete them and activate new ones which are more empowering for our present lives. These beliefs affect our DNA, which manifests in the body as physical dis-ease or imbalances.   During the workshop the Youth and Vitality chromosome in the pineal gland is activated, which reverses the aging process and toxins and radiation are pulled from the cells of the body as well as learning about different planes of existence.   Using this technology we have the ability to change our DNA and our genetics, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. It's accelerating evolution.   DS: What sort of people attend your workshops and what benefits do they receive from your teachings?   SS: All sorts of people attend the workshops. I've taught these workshops China Wholesale Gyratory Crusher Parts Suppliers in America, India and England to people interested in personal evolution and in being more powerful healers. People who have profoundly benefitted from my past workshops include
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14/11/2019 - Once you decide to hire the services of a sound system provider

  A professional sound method can vary in size from a small unit suited to a residence lounge suitable via to a strong hifi that could fill a concert hall total with a complex laser light display! Services can incorporate stage Ring Gears Suppliers hire, PA employ, stereo speaker hire and a lighting program to truly add pizzazz to occasion. Get more information about sewa sound system jakartaAn expert experienced dealer will make sure that their clientele delight in the identical degree of service regardless of how smaller or significant their needs areThe basic hire service is primarily a non-staffed rental in which customers collect all of the equipment they need for the event, use it and return it soon after the occasion.Any time you employ staff in addition to the gear, this can include the services of an skilled engineer who might be in charge with the setup, operation along with the dismantling with the gear.

You'll be able to even connect your laptop, iPod or MP3 player for the PA sound method and also you are prepared to commence dancing!The PA system might be used for distinctive events, functions, clubs, parties and lots of more events at reasonable rates. The solutions incorporate setup guides, power cords, an experienced back-up group, top quality fidelity, low to high volume of sound and anything suited for the needs in the occasion.Right here are four compelling factors why you must hire a sound method for any party which you are organizing to employing the solutions of a reliable provider of sound technique services, you can enjoy the competitive pricing along with the satisfaction that you simply will accomplish at the occasion and your supplier will constantly find a better technique to deliver a appropriate option according to your needs and preferences.

Once you decide to hire the services of a sound system provider, you might have diverse solutions out there to select from as these experts can present you with a wide range of gear that you just can use to make your party atmosphere.If you should employ speakers or microphones to get a party, you will be offered with superior quality equipment. Naturally, for those who need tips on the correct equipment to create your celebration definitely astounding, these skilled pros can propose customized gear depending on your person demands and preferences.Final but not least, it is possible to be assured of top of the range music gear that could provide the most effective sound and lighting overall performance obtainable as a way to make any celebration definitely outstanding at an economical cost.

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