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bbbgem:Custom Jewelry,Engagement Rings,Wedding Rings,Morganite Rings,Moissanite Rings


We offer any kinds of Custom jewelry,including engagement rings,wedding rings,pendant,necklace,earrings...etc.The gemstone can be Morganite,Moissanite, Aquamarine, Emerald,Sapphire,Amethyst,Topaz,Tourmaline,Garnet, Ruby,Tanzanite,Tsavorite,Peridot,Alexandrite... Contact us if you need the custom handmade service! Website: Email: Facebook:

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Where to buy a moissanite engagement ring online?

Why moissanite is a better choice than diamond for fine jewelry?you may have already known any introduction of moissanite before you want to choose it as your engagement ring.

Moissanite is also brighter, more lustrous, and has more fire than diamond. These criteria define how "pretty" the jewel is - the shine, the sparkle, and the prismatic qualities.

You don’t think about engagement rings until you arrive at a certain point in your life and you need one. And you will search “Where to buy moissanite engagement ring “by search engine or go to local jewelry store.

I think online will be your best bet. If you know the size of the ring, everything else is easy-peasy, Though even a mistake regarding size will not cost you a thing – rings are easily resized (within reasonable amount of size differences 0-0.5).

Is there any difference between moissanite and moissanite forever brilliant?

moissanite can show a slightly yellowish hue that is barely noticeable and only under certain lightning,the forever brilliant goes even beyond and is impeccable. The price difference for two rings – same style and same band – is somewhere between $200-400 depending on the size of the stone.

Finding your preferable style, shape and size is easier when purchasing moissanite engagement rings than any other varieties on the market.

A Cushion cut moissanite engagement ring is a better choice in BBBGEM.

This is a beautiful cushion cut moissanite ring


2.7 Carat Radiant Cut Moissanite Engagement Rings Diamond 14k Rose Gold Unique Stacking Band

BBBGEM includes Jewelry designers from all over the world,CAD draftsmen,Jewelry makers,Photographers,Shipper,Custom Representatives.We will be adding all kinds of beautiful rings, earrings and other bits featuring the moissanite in the coming months.We provide consumers with unique jewelry at affordable prices. We are proud of ourselves on our items being so elegant and simple enough to wear everyday. We choose only the best conflict free diamonds and gemstones in order to provide our customers the top quality items. We whole believe that everyone should have the option to purchase a high fashion jewelry piece.

Posté: 10:32, 18/5/2017
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Morganite Engagement Rings Under $500 is A Best Selling Line

Morganite is one kind of the beryl,as it has light pink color and also be called as “pink beryl”. Just for this “PINK”color,morganite is very popular with a lot of ladies, “pink” kind of girls in particular. In addition to the color,Morganite is the symbol of sweet love,it is said it can help inspire and promote a relationship. Therefore,making an engagement ring with morganite is an extra-perfect choice. Welcome to BBBGEM,where specialize in offering different kinds of morganite engagement ring,bridal set, wedding band for you with pleasure.

From annual sales,morganite engagement rings account for a large proportion, and the price under $500 is the best-selling line. This price range includes 5mm,6mm,6.5mm,7mm round / cushion cut,6x8mm pear/oval cut,5x7mm,6x8mm emerald cut,6.5mm princess cut,6mm heart shaped cut,9x9mm trillion cut Natural Pink/Peach Morganite Engagement Rings with art deco band /plain band/diamond eternity band/other gems side stone accent band,with classic halo or no halo,ball prongs set,pave set,claws set,Retro Vintage Floral design,or solitaire style,in 14k rose/white/yellow gold etc.


Undoubtedly 3 carat morganite ring with price under $1000 are in high demand. To compare with other natural gemstone in a same size,such as blue sapphire,ruby, emerald,why the price of morganite is much lower ? The reasons are as follows.

Firstly,the value of morganite is determined by the color and the size of the stone. The most desirable colors for morganite gemstones are consistent medium pink tones and therefore the most highly valued. As we know,bigger stone,darker color. Those dimensions of morganite listed above are small,and just show light pink or peach color.

Secondly, the clarity of the stone also effect its value. Generally,we offer VS clarity morganite,that is eye clean gemstone which is very common in the market. Flawless morganite is very rare, the value is absolutely higher.

Above all,the cost consideration appear as the main factor to increase the sales.Compared to other jewelry shops,our price is more competitive as we have global mining supplied straightforward,and all items are handmade by ourselves.

In a word, the morganite ring BBBGEM offers are high quality with reasonable price . If you have a great interest,please do not hesitate to contact us!

Posté: 10:24, 18/5/2017
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