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9/7/2018 - How you resource and prepare your tender response
How you resource and prepare your tender response is a crucial factor in presenting a winning tender. Once your company is in receipt of the tender documentation it must put into effect a dedicated tender strategy.On receipt of the document start a timescale diary. Log the receipt date and the due date for return of the document. Based on these dates and any other date stated for a pre-tender meeting, set out your timetable for the stages of your response and appoint a tender manager with the authority to conscript assistance from other expertise with your company.General PrinciplesThe following general principles are suggested while preparing a tender response:PresentationIt is important to ensure your tender response is clearly and precisely displayed.Avoid handwritten presentations, even the nearest writer trends to lose clarity after a time.Use a type size one point larger than the issuing authority's document if possible. This displays your response clearly.Normally correction made by the use of correction fluid (white fluid) are not acceptable to most of the organizations. Hence, tenderes should sign with date and stamp, all corrections and overwriting.All signatures in tender document should be dated as well as the pages of all sections of tender document should be signed at the lower right hand corner whenever required in the tender paper by the tenderer or by a person holding power of attorney authorizing him to sign on behalf of the tenderer before submission of tender.

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9/7/2018 - Taking problemsone at a time is a far more positive approach
Take the time to workout what your stress triggers are and then try todevise strategies to minimize each one.Parallel Twin Screw Barrels SuppliersTaking problemsone at a time is a far more positive approach thanpanicking about them all at once.7. Make time to relaxNo matter how hard you work, or how many demands areput on you, remember - it's your life. You deserve atleast some time every day just to be with you. Maybe itis just 5 minutes in the morning, but treasure it, makeit yours and don't allow outside pressures in to yourtime. Believe me, enjoying your own time every day willmake you far more effective on everybody else's time.8. Drink herbal teaNot as silly as it sounds. Many herbal teas containsubstances with naturally calminative properties.Chamomile tea is very relaxing, Raspberry and Echinaceatea soothes the mind and helps strengthen the immunesystem, Peppermint tea aids in digestion. And they arerefreshing and taste good too.9. Don't be afraid to ask for helpOne of the most often heard complaints I hear fromhighly stressed people is that they have too much workand too little time. Yet they are often the worstdelegators. If you have a downline, delegate. (But mindyou don't pile too much on your subordinates that theycrack under the strain). If you have an upline, see ifany of your workload can be passed that way. That ismore difficult, but often a task that is way too muchfor you is easy to someone with a few more years ofexperience. And bosses often like to show that they'still have it.'10. SmileThe last on the list, but probably number one inimportance. Smile on the telephone, smile in stores,smile to your colleagues. Your subconscious mind isjust waiting to run whatever program you plug into it.Stress is a kind of program with an endless negativeloop. Smiling is like pressing the 'break' key. Smileenough and that becomes a new program in its own right.You will feel happier and everyone around you willrespond positively.

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