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12/12/2018 - remember forever and that will make your wedding memorable

4. A careful lighting
The attention to the lighting of the location where the reception will take place is fundamental and represents a detail that will certainly not go unnoticed, especially at sunset. If you want to make the atmosphere cozy and natural, use candles instead of artificial light ... your guests will love it!
5. Gestures and rituals
Each ceremony respects the customs related to the type of ritual, especially in the case of a religious marriage. This does not mean that it must necessarily be anonymous: fill it with meaning with the ritual that best suits your personality and give it sacredness with beautiful gestures precisely because it is personal.
6. The presence of diversions

A marriage without music is like a sky without stars ... but not only. If you do not prepare leisure items for your guests, the message you give them will be not only a lack of attention to detail, but also of rigidity and limitation. On the contrary little black cocktail dresses, leave them free to celebrate by having them find what they need at the right time, even if it is a matter of simple rice to be launched upon your arrival.
7. Irony and amazement

At the same time Gillne, surprise them and make them laugh when they least expect it ... it will be something they will remember forever and that will make your wedding memorable. Such as? With a particularly talkative band, with a game that involves everyone, with the ability to leave a message or take snapshots ... if you think of your friends, for sure the ideas will not miss you!

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7/12/2018 - No bride in the universe will ever wear your same dress

In view of marriage, you know, there are many choices to make and each one may seem like the wrong one. The dress, the outfits, the bouquet, the witnesses and even the music for the reception can put in crisis a bride, who would like everything perfect in the most beautiful day of her life.

Martone Sposa's blog was born to give you advice and suggestions on how to face certain choices.

Martone Sposa Blog Together we will discover what are the must-haves of the season, which trends are best to follow and which, however, would risk making us look bad. For example, did you know that for the reception the top 2015 are the imperial tables? Which locations are suitable, how to prepare them, prepare the seats and where to place the couple will be the subject of our next article.

This space, therefore, will be a corner where we can tackle the cult topics of marriage together but also to get to know each other better and let you know more about the Martone Sposa atelier, the services and brands that we make available to our brides.
And the tableau? In the imperial table you do not need david s bridal prom dresses, the "escort cards" are enough, that is, for each guest, on which will be placed the name of your guests and a number that coincides with his place at the table. On the table chiffon dresses for bridesmaids, in turn, each place will return a number according to an increasing order.
Wear a unique dress. No bride in the universe will ever wear your same dress, unless they see it on their wedding day and decide to have it done the same. But trust me, even then it would not be the same thing, that dress was designed for you.

As for the meaning of the flowers, everyone knows that originally the orange ones were used, a symbol of purity and fertility. Orchids and calla lilies, on the other hand, indicate femininity and, in fact, they are undoubtedly the most exalted flowers. If what you want is loyalty you can use ivy or hyacinths.
Finally we remind you that the tradition wants the groom to give the bride the bouquet, as a symbol of the latest tribute to boyfriends. Naturally, having to match it with the dress, which you absolutely will not be able to see before the wedding, do not take it with you to choose it.

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