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13/2/2019 - the same magic and the same waiting for the choice of your dress

An announcement against the rules of etiquette
Despite the etiquette does not admit this expression, you can go against the current and decide that your children are to announce the marriage of you parents with the classic expression: Marco announces the marriage of mother Sara and dad Guido; or you can accept the suggestion of bon ton according to which the name of your child must follow yours: Sara and Guido, together with Marco, announce their marriage. In reality, according to the rules of good manners, the explicit announcement inserted in the wedding invitations must always start from the protagonists of the wedding.
Protagonists for a day: a purchase in the company

After a true marriage proposal - see first paragraph - you must take the choice of dress seriously. You have probably already thought of actively involving children during your wedding ceremony so why not dedicate the right importance even to the purchase of their clothes.
Many bridal ateliers sell dresses for little girls: just reserve a double date and reserve even for your little princess, the same magic and the same waiting for the choice of your dress. The same goes for the boys, who can join their father for the choice of their clothes.

Let's decorate together the whole graphic suite

You can involve your children in the release of all the graphic material used for the coordinated suite; not only participations black formal bridesmaid dresses, but also ceremony books lace wedding dresses under 500, menu card, wine list, tags for your wedding placeholder ideas or graphic decorations of the tableau de mariage. Children aged 3 and above will be perfectly able to interpret the wedding by creating a design that you can digitize as a logo or decorative symbol of all these elements.

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29/1/2019 - which gives elegance to the men's ceremony dress

The flagship is to the groom as the wedding bouquet is to the bride, of course. This is a classy detail, which gives elegance to the men's ceremony dress that will wear one of the protagonists of the wedding. But do you know something? There are different types of boutonnière, which - among the many ceremonial dresses that will flit at the wedding reception - will capture the attention on the groom. Let's see which ones together!
1. A rustic style

It is important that the flagship you wear is consistent with the season when you will pronounce the phrases for promises of marriage: in summer opt for spikelets of wheat, gardenias, calla lilies, roses and lilies; in spring for daisies, freesias, daffodils, jasminium and orchids; in autumn for gentians and irises; in winter for camellias and Christmas roses.
It is also essential to remain in theme with the style of your wedding: if for example yours will be a rural wedding, you can indulge in boutonnière campestri made with pretty lilies of the valley.
2. A country chic eyelet

But a marriage can be as rural as it is tremendously chic. To make it such Short Formal Dresses, just pay attention to details, such as the original wedding place cards that you will find to your guests on the tables or as the buttonhole of your groom jacket. Adorn it with wild flowers pictures of white wedding dresses, put in order in a composition to perfection: daisies, lilies and ears of wheat can be precious as a jewel (if touched by the right hands).

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