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• 21/5/2019 - This natural occurring chemical is found in cassia cinnamon

The scent of cinnamon is unmistakeable. It conjures up images of hot cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven. Or perhaps for you, it takes you back to those days when Mom would serve hot oatmeal on a cold winter's day. For me, it evokes memories of those frosty cold evenings when we serve mulled apple cider for comfort. Put aside the memories, and read on to learn how wonderful cinnamon is for our body. Brief History Of CinnamonCinnamon, true cinnamon (Cinnamonum verum) is native to the island of Sri Lanka. A close relative, Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamonum cassia) from China and Indonesia is what most people use in their homes.Throughout history, cinnamon has been extensively used. The ancient Egyptians prized cinnamon as an essential ingredient to their embalming mixture of herbs. Moses used cinnamon oil as holy anointing oil. During the first century of Rome, cinnamon was more expensive than silver. Only the wealthy could afford this expensive herb.During the 16th and 17th centuries, the expansion of Europe made the spice more widely available and affordable. Cinnamon PowderCloverleaf Farm Cinnamon and DiabetesMany research studies over the last few years have shown cinnamon can help stabilize blood sugars in diabetic patients.The bark is used because of the polyphenol compound that it contains.

This natural occurring chemical is found in cassia cinnamon. The compound seems to affect insulin receptors and aid in the formation of glycogen, otherwise known as stored sugars.To help control your diabetes, you may simply add one teaspoon of cinnamon to your diet each day. Be sure that it is cassia cinnamon.It is the cassia cinnamon that works. Many of the cinnamon's that are sold in the store are not.To do this, you could add it to your coffee, tea, or other beverages.Here's a simple recipe to help get cinnamon into your diet.1 teaspoon cinnamon16 ounces of waterjuice of one lemon1 tablespoon stevia herb (the real herb)Pour the ingredients into a pan. Gently warm the ingredients. Let cool, Tube Tension Fabric Display Manufacturers and strain. Pour into a cup or bottle. Drink throughout the day. It can be drank warm or chilled.Alternatively, there are cinnamon capsules available at health food stores. They range is dose and suggested use, so it is important to follow the directions on the box.

It is normally taken in divided doses throughout the day. Cautions of CinnamonWhile cinnamon is a wonderful healing herb, there are some cautions to using it medicinally. The oil can cause a rash in some people. Dilute it properly.Cinnamon contains a small amount of coumarin, which is a natural blood thinner. Those taking blood thinning medications should use cinnamon only under the care and supervision of a health care practitioner. If using for blood sugar control, blood sugar levels should be closely monitored to avoid unsafe lowering of blood sugar. Cinnamon should not be used by pregnant women, as it is a uterine stimulant, and can cause a miscarriage. Cinnamon can be toxic if taken in excess. Be sure to follow your health care providers dosage.Never take the essential oil internally.

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• 15/5/2019 - This makes the restaurant perfect for corporate gatherings

Barbecoa opened in early November 2010. Just a stone's throw from St Paul's Cathedral, it has been described in reviews as a place where customers can revert back to their primitive eating instincts by eating meat cooked on an open fire and in a group setting.Yes, the seating areas are reminiscent of the days when our primitive ancestors would gather around the fire pit to eat the catch of the day. And, yes, the meat is cooked over a wood-fired oven, a Robata grill, a burn pit, not to mention a Texas smoker and Indian tandoors.Nevertheless, there the resemblance ends. Barbecoa's Lay-out and Ambiance View of St Paul's from 'Barbecoa'K Duffy Unlike our primitive ancestors, you won't get a huge slab of meat slammed down in front of you - instead you will relish a beautifully disguised, subtly flavoured pig's ear or whole lamb magically transformed into a pyramid of magical flavours and delicate aromas - and the steak is advertised as being 'the best in the world'.The seating is far from primitive, consisting of long, luxuriously comfortable leather couches which surround each table. The theme is definitely cave-man/woman communal rather than intimate booth-type privacy. This makes the restaurant perfect for corporate gatherings, celebratory groups, office meet-ups, and similar get-togethers. Each area manages to give the impression of intimacy and exclusiveness. Customer at 'Barbecoa'K Duffy The lighting is provided by the natural daylight from huge windows or, as dusk falls, softly lit ceiling pendants. Books by Jamie OliverOrder from Amazon Barbecoa and St Paul's Cathedral Barbecoa's massive windows look out over the rooftops and offices of the City. When the light is overwhelming they can be veiled in subtle, translucent blinds. St Paul's filtered through Barbecoa blindsK Duffy However, the most stunning aspect of this restaurant, notwithstanding the spacious and tasteful interiors and gorgeous food, is the view of the dome of St Paul's Cathedral. It is visible from most areas of the restaurant and when the blinds are raised this must be one of the most spectacular restaurant views in the world.

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