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• 12/6/2019 - The primary male role was a black man

I recognize the scenes, but the way the trailer is edited doesn't reflect the movie that I just watched. What is Night of the Living Dead About?Rampant capitalism repressing counter-cultures and fear of the Atomic Age. Though that's probably not explicit. Barbra and Johnny are siblings who have traveled for six hours to lay a wreath on their father's grave. An odd man is slowly walking across the graveyard towards them.Unknown to them, NASA have just exploded a space probe, which had encircled the planet Venus. It had entered Earth's atmosphere with an unusually high level of radiation. Destroying it was an error. It turns out that the chemicals released reactivated the dead; and now they want to feast on human flesh.Much of the rest of the movie follows the fortunes of people barricaded inside a rural farmhouse, while the living dead lurch and prowl outside. They have radio and television reports to alert them to the fact that this is happening all over Pennsylvania, and spreading out across the USA.But the flesh eaters outside are just the backdrop and the catalyst for strangers forced to work together. For me, the real story is how those human beings react in extremity.

All shades of psychology are exhibited, from calm resourcefulness to fury, cowardice and insanity. The real monsters aren't entirely those battering at the window boards. The Leading Male Character was Black!When fellow Wizzley author MuminBusiness wrote her guide to surviving horror movies, she had one big top tip - DO NOT BE BLACK!It's one of those cringe-worthy facts about this genre that if any black person turns up, then they will be amongst the first victims. They pretty much only exist in the first place, so that the movie-maker can claim a tick in an equal opportunities box.So when I saw Ben (played by Duane Jones) enter the house, I immediately had him ear-marked as Victim Number One. There was a pretty white woman there, so it was never going to be her.But Ben survived. And went on surviving. It took me nearly half of the movie to realize that yes! He was the protagonist! The primary male role was a black man, in 1960s America! It wasn't even alluded to in the script!I was very, very impressed. Particularly as he was the resourceful, brave and calm one! Night of the Living Dead (Millennium Edition)DVD version with great reviews and lots of bonus goodies! Night of the Living Dead DOES Pass the Bechdel TestThe representation of women is measured by this low standard. This movie demonstrates just how low that bar has been set.

The Bechdel Test calls for more than one named female character. They have to have a conversation about something other than the male characters.We get one and a half. The scene which grabbed that Bechdel pass came when Judy arrived to give Helen a break, as the latter nursed her injured daughter.They briefly discussed young Karen's health; 10×20 Trade Show Displays suppliers and Judy reassured Helen that she'd be fine.In fact, there was an earlier exchange, which might have scored a pass on the test too. Helen was trying to make Karen comfortable and talking in general terms. Her daughter groaned that she was too hot.But the 'half' conversation came when Helen sat with Barbra. Helen chatted away, trying to win Barbra's trust, but the discussion was one-sided. Barbra was too deeply in shock (or slipping into insanity) for much to be verbally reciprocal. But if we count body language, then communication was achieved.However none of this means that Night of the Living Dead is a trail-blazing Feminist movie flagship. It serves as an excellent example of the limitations of the Bechdel Test. None of the female characters are particularly great as role models. Judy simpers and looks lovely, then is so useless that she causes a tragic situation. Barbra goes to pieces from the outset. Helen is slightly better, but her main roles are A Mother and A Wife.

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• 5/6/2019 - As you observe a piece on a day-to-day basis

Bull is certainly on the fast track having risen to prominence in just a few years since graduating from Heatherley School of Fine Art, Chelsea in 2002, with a Diploma in Figurative Sculpture. Katusha's work is internationally acclaimed and features in many public and private collections in the UK, United States, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Macau and Malta. She became an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2005, and a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen in 2012. Katusha's art is the result of a life rich in varied experiences. Like a cat with nine lives, she has enjoyed almost as many different careers. After growing up in Hong Kong, she worked as a nurse in Australia, and has also been a ski patroller and instructor, a dressmaker, a cook, a real estate agent and a mother. Her sculptures are bold and colourful, but have a slightly elusive feel to them.

As you observe a piece on a day-to-day basis, it seems to change with the light, with the seasons, and even depending on its surroundings. Katusha Ostroumoff Bull, ARBS, MSDC, Excelsior | Patagonian Blue Onyx Image by Frances Spiegel with permission from Gallery Elena ShchukinaExcelsior | Patagonian Blue Onyx, Kat... Gallery Elena Shchukina - A Perfect MatchGallery Elena Shchukina, established in 2013, would seem to be the perfect setting for both Katusha and Tchinai's work. Elena rejects the concept of the 'white cube' format where works of art are displayed on nice clear walls or in empty spaces. This exhibition space is a fully immersive experience where paintings, sculpture,DIY Exhibition Booth Suppliers furniture, soft furnishings, objects, and even the lighting are designed to enhance each other.

To complement paintings and sculptures featured in Autumn Blossom, Elena has selected furniture, decorative objects and lighting inspired by the unique blend of western ideas and Japanese traditions reflected in Tchinai's paintings. Speaking recently Elena said: "I am delighted to host Kyosuke Tchinai's first London show at Gallery Elena Shchukina. I've long been fascinated by his unique ability to subtly infuse his work with elements from his Japanese heritage. His use of materials, approach to his subject and esoteric nature of his work all combine to produce paintings of real force and importance".

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