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    17/9/2018 - Bookbinding is a great way to give yourimportant documents
    Bookbinding is a great way to give yourimportant documents the high-class look that they need. If you'relooking for a binding machine, you may be at a loss as to which brandnames you should look for. Well, don't fret, because here is a list offive manufacturers you should know. Take a look at them so you'll knowwhich brand names are worth your consideration and money.      GBC. The name GBC is just about synonymouswith comb binding and has been ever since the company took over Ibicoin the 1990's. GBC makes some of the most popular comb binders on themarket, such as the mid-range CombBind C12, which is a new addition totheir lineup. (The product was released in the summer of 2010.) Thecompany also makes modular punches, coil binders, and a whole range ofsupplies including covers. The supplies include GBC ProClick andZipBind spines both of which can be re-opened so you can edit yourdocuments at a later date.     

    Fellowes. Fellowes is an Illinois-based company that's mostly known for theirhigh-quality paper shredders which isn't to say they don't maketerrific binding machines - they do. The company offers a greatassortment of plastic comb, wire, and even thermal devices. In 2009,Fellowes unveiled their Helios thermal binders, devices that look greatwhile also giving the user a way to produce professional-lookingdocuments.      Akiles. If you'relooking for a heavy-duty device, you really can't go wrong with onefrom Akiles. The company makes machines for a number of differentbinding methods including plastic comb, wire, and color coil. In fact,Akiles just put out new wire and color coil machines including theiCoil 41, which comes with a free pair of crimping pliers. If yourworkplace needs a two-in-one machine, Akiles manufactures several ofthem such as the WireMac Comb, which is compatible with both twin-loopwire spines and plastic combs.    

    Digital Finishing Group. This company, which is better known as DFG, makes some highlyfunctional comb binding devices that also look very contemporary.Although the company has been in business for an extended length oftime, they make incredibly reliable products such as the Titan CoilUltra, a heavy-duty color coil binding machine. They're definitelyworth a look, so be sure to check out their products.      James Burn. Twin-loop wire binding is very popular and James Burn specializes inmanufacturing the equipment needed for this document finishing method.The company makes the popular Lhermite series which consists of anumber of heavy-duty wire closers, such as the PB3300 which alsoincludes a hole punch. James Burn also makes the SmartBinding, a combbinder that's good for occasional use.        These are just a few of the companies that manufacturebookbinding supplies and devices. If you buy a product from one ofthese manufacturers, you're going to end up with the high-qualityequipment you need to produce great-looking documents. Don't delay -start shopping for your bookbinding equipment today.

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