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Foundry casting technology

16/4/2019 - About high-performance precision casting

High-performance precision casting should create conditions that use technologically advanced modeling and core making methods. The productivity of the old-fashioned shock-type or shock-pressure molding machine production line is not high enough. The labor intensity of the workers is large, the noise is large, and it is not suitable for the requirements of mass production. It should be gradually modified. For small precision castings, it is possible to use a horizontal or vertical type of boxless high-pressure molding machine production line, real modeling and high production efficiency, and a small footprint; for the middle parts, various high-pressure molding machine production lines with boxes can be selected. The air-punching molding line is suitable for the requirements of fast and high-precision modeling production lines. The core-making method can be used: high-efficiency core making methods such as cold core box, hot core box and shell core.

What are the 5 advantages of using precision castings?

1. Precision casting parts forging precision, high finish, and can cast complex parts

2. Can forge various alloys (shell is advanced refractory)

3. Single piece, small batch, large batch production

4. Less, no cutting (Ra3.2~1.6um) slightly grinding

5. The precision casting material is expensive, the process is complicated, and the production cycle is long.

How to carry out the shell mold burning work of precision casting parts

When the shell mold is formally sintered for precision casting, the shell of the wax shell is removed from the shell mold to the side of the sintering furnace, and the shell mold is taken out to check whether there is any break or crack, and the cup is cleaned. Next, place it neatly on the shell mold cart. Start the main power of the sintering furnace, open the furnace door, and clean the furnace with a broom and air gun. Use the shell mold fork to carefully fork the shell mold and slowly put it into the furnace. Note that during the insertion process, the shell mold should not be touched to the bottom of the furnace or the furnace wall to prevent it from breaking. Set the sintering temperature according to the product type and technical requirements, generally 1000~1200 °C. Start the sintering oil pump, the oil pressure is about 105~2.0kg/m2. Use the torch to ignite in the combustion nozzle. After the ignition is successful, the flame is burned stably and the furnace is preheated. When the first furnace is heated to 600 °C or above, the shell is heated, the furnace door is closed, and the oil quantity and wind pressure are adjusted again to make it completely combustible.

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Casting technology used in foundry


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