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• 25/5/2017 - There is this notion that NFL 18 Coins

There is this notion that the analytic revolution has passed black candidates by, and that's the most insidious form of racism. It's not the overt stuff. It's the idea that black candidates are less qualified because they NFL 18 Coins don't have a hedge-fund internship on their CV. That's a bunch of bullshit, but there's that a line about Basketball PhD's coming back to mind again.Look, I'm sure the


Sixers went through an exhaustive search to hire the senior advisor's son but come on, who are they fooling? Let's open this up a little and let the sun shine in. It will do everyone a world of good.ZILLER: Amen. I know Kenny Atkinson is very highly recommended, and we don't know who the Nets talked to beyond him, but the trend is worrisome.


Especially when former coaches with good records (Nate McMillan) or former players who have played long dues in coaching (Patrick Ewing) don't even get many interviews, let alone jobs. And someone really needs to explain to me how Troy Weaver, the man who recruited Melo to Syracuse and convinced Sam Presti to pick Russell Westbrook fourth, doesn't have a


GM job.Speaking of our frustrations with the topic of coaching, are you as  Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins sick as I am of Constant Coaching Critique Twitter? It's impossible to be on Twitter during a Raptors game at this point because of the rampant Dwane Casey slander. I say we appoint Bob Voulgaris as NBA Coach Critic in Chief, give him free rein and fine every other NBA Twitter personality who complains about a lineup, a rotation decision, a play call or a tactic more than three times a Ballscoins game.

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• 23/5/2017 - The Spurs know how to Buy NBA 2K18 MT

The Spurs know how to make beautiful basketball, and that's thanks in large part to Parker kicking the play off with a drive to the lane or a critical pass to an open man. Parker had only two and seven points in Buy NBA 2K18 MT Games 1 and 2, respectively, but he's on the upswing — he had 19 points, eight rebounds and five assists in Game 3. The Spurs have countless weapons, but when Parker is playing well — like he was through three quarters — the


Spurs are even more dangerous. It wasn't enough on Sunday, but the Thunder are going to need to find a way to slow Parker if they're going to shock the Spurs as this series goes on.The Thunder have to runThey went on a 10-0 run the second quarter because they buckled down on defense — they held the Spurs scoreless for a 3:45 stretch — and sparked their offense in transition. They fought back in the third quarter in the same way: by attacking in transition. The Spurs loved it when Durant and


Westbrook tried to attack in the half court. It's not that they weren't getting buckets every once in a while, but this is one of the best defenses in recent history. Nothing comes easy, not even a simple pass to the wing.The Thunder were able to stay in the game thanks to runs, and if they're going to win this series, they must continue to attack. It was enough to take Game 4 despite the Spurs appearing ready to take over.The Spurs have seemed to be in complete control through this playoff series, but now we've got a 2-2 tie.How everyone screwed up in Thunder-Spurs Game 2Be sure to subscribe to


With Stephen Curry watching from the bench wearing street clothes, Damian Lillard gave a performance worthy of the reigning MVP. Just like Curry, Lillard rained fire from outside, drove to the rim using his amazing handle and found teammates in scoring position when the entire defense tried to stop him.Just like Curry's Warriors do when he's available, Lillard's Trail Blazers looked unstoppable on offense for stretches en route to a 120-108 victory at home.It's not the first time Lillard has been likened to Curry. While one is clearly a step above the other, their skill sets are

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