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support for dual band Wi-Fi access. This means that furthermore to support the 2.4GHz band, it now also supports 5GHz band. Ahead of some other intelligent mobile cellphone manufacturers merchandise already have this capacity, including Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Support 5GHz band why so important? You will find some problems should be two.4GHz band. These two bands in most sections in the world without having the really need to utilize for a license to use. Having said that, due towards the growing trend of BYOD and also the widely present equipment, 2.4GHz band is extremely crowded, access client capacity problems. Please remember: inside the 2.4GHz band only 3 non overlapping channels. Consider of all these devices, including wise mobile cell phone, notebook computer, tablet computer and wireless access issue are competing for the out there bandwidth, interference between devices. In short, inside the two.4GHz band does not have sufficient capacity to deliver access services satisfactory for all of these devices. Furthermore, 802.11r fast secure roaming standard in iOS 6 has support, which indicates that the iPhone/iPad is further become the wireless terminal business oriented. I believe much more and more client may even support the standard. That is the following? I believe that is definitely primarily based within the Windows8 intelligent terminal running procedure or intelligent terminal dependent on Andriod process, we rub one's eyes and wait! Sale quantity 5 apple iphone broke by means of the 5000000 in a week, we are able to expect the BYOD trend will go on. With this in your mind, I would like to share with you how Cisco Wireless network will aid your business towards the extreme will play performance on the newest intelligent mobile phone. The following are the six causes for choosing to Cisco Wireless Community I summarize support apple apple iphone five and other frequency intelligent cellular mobile phone. They can allow you to optimize community so that you can give entire play to your potential of intelligent mobile telephone. one Cisco BandSelect spectrum function oriented to client oriented 5GHz spectrum The BandSelect functionality will make the two.4GHz band access
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