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Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis12/9/2018

Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis


  1. Summary

natural remedies for prostatitis have the main symptoms such as pain in pelvis, perineum, urinary tract and so on. There is not clear reasons why  most men will develop the disease. There exist spread disputes about its reasons. We lack of objective and specific evidence of diagnosis for chronic non-chronic prostatitis. We should differ pain in the pelvis from abnormal urinary drainage in clinical diagnosis. We should be definite whether the patients who have obvious abnormal urinary tract have the problems such as bladder outlet obstruction and bladder dysfunction.


  1. Causes

It is very complex for the causes of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Most scholars think the main reasons may result from the infection of causative agent, inflammation, abnormal immunity and so on. Certain factors causing the excessive contract of ejaculator seminis incur bladder outlet obstruction and the formation of residual urine fluid, which causes urine reflux into prostate. It does not only bring causative agent into prostate gland, but stimulates directly prostate, causing non-bacterial chemical prosatitis. Besides, mental and spiritual factors will influence prostatitis supplements. Over half of patients who have experienced treated for a long time, but they still keep themself from the disease will exist obvious the chances of mental and spiritual factors, and personal characteristics. For example, the tolerances of anxiety, depression, neuropathy, even suicide, which may result in autonomic nerve  dysfunction, causing posterior urethral neuro-muscular dysfunction and futher aggravating these symptoms. Therefore, eliminating mental nerve can relieve the symptoms or recovery. But we still can not know mental and spiritual change is direct cause or not. What’s more, according to research in recent years, immune factor plays a part in the development and evaluation of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. In addition, interstitial cystitis may also cause the disease.


  1. The ways of diagnosis

First of all, we can use rectal exam to know the size and property of the prostate gland, nervous degree of pelvis muscle. Then, we can utilize

urine routine analysis and urine sediment examination which are supportive way to exclude urinary infection and diagnose peostatitis. Besides, the patients maybe appear abnormal semen or some patients will have the case of rising PSA. We can utilize these indicators to diagnose whether people develop the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. What’s more, we can use B-ultrasound which can find uneven echo of prostate, prostate stone or calcification, and the expansion of venous plexus around prostate.


  1. Treatments of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis

For chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, we should adopt comprehensive treatments. The main purpose of its treatments are to relieve pain, improve the symptoms of urinary drainage and enhance the quality of life. Firstly, we can use such general treatments as healthy education, psychological and behavioral counselling, keeping patients from wine, spicy food, avoiding sedentary, being care warmness and enhancing exercise. Secondly, antibiotics, alpha blocker drugs, plant preparations and other medicines have different degrees of efficiency to relieve these clinical symptoms. Antibiotics are the most common medicine to treat chronic non-bacterial prostatitis in clinical practice. Alpha blocker drugs have the effect of relaxing prostate and bladder, improving symptoms and pain in lower urinary tract. Therefore, they have become the basic products to treat chronic prostatitis. Plant preparations have been increasingly attached more importance in treating chronic prostaitis. Plant preparations are the main extraction of plants, which can be anti-edema and promote the contract of detrusor urinae of bladder and the relaxation of urethral smooth muscle. Thirdly, we can use Chinese medicine such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill which can promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material, promote Qi, release pain, dissipate hard lumps, anti-fibrosis and anti-hyperplasia.



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The treatment of prostatitis12/9/2018

The treatment of prostatitis


chronic nonbacterial prostatitis natural treatment is caused by either bacterial infection or non-bacterial infection. No matter how the causes are what, various discomforts in prostate are incurred by inflammation in or around prostate. That is to say, it is inflammation that causes the discomforts of prostate rather than bacteria. The discomforts include pain in lower abdomen, testicles, an abnormal urinary tract and so on. Today, the main topic is the treatment of chronic prostatitis.


In reality, chinese herbs for prostate inflammation is not a single disease. It is the combination of an abnormal urinary tract, pain in lower abdomen, the rise of white cells in prostate and so on. In addition, each patient’ respond to the causes, mentality, cognition about prostate is different. That’s to say, there is not a kind of medicine to treat all forms of prostatitis. Even so, adopting comprehensive treatments can fast relieve the symptoms.


The effective ways to treat prostatitis must attach importance to various features of different factors and observe comprehensive action. Having experienced a period of comprehensive therapy, the patients will be ecstatic after the obvious symptoms of discomfort are improved. But it does not mean the disease has been cured. The patients should regularly make the effect given their doctors, which is indispensable to enhance the accomplishment. The main comprehensive treatment is as following:

In the first place, anti-inflammatory treatment such as using diuretic and anti-inflammatory is a good way. Because the pill is made of Chinese herbal medicine with no side effect. In addition, it has the functions of clearing away heat and toxic material, anti-fibrosis, anti-hyperplasia, promoting blood circulation, drug resistance and so on. Then, warm sitz baths is another good choose. It can reduce the pressure in prostate. The next is to avoid spicy food, meat such as fish, chicken, button and so on. The third is general treatment. The patients should avoid having chills and fever, fatigues, wine; drinking more water to help drain urine, eating fresh vegetables, fruits; avoid sedentary, reduce the chance to recycle bike; keep defecate smooth; have a regular sexual life; need correct the patients who have mental psychology because the disease.

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