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// Copper Tungsten, Silver Tungsten, Cobalt Alloy - Welcome to Sytop. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Copper Tungsten, Silver Tungsten, Cobalt Alloy and other Cobalt-chromium Alloy mechanical parts offered at an unbeaten price. Started in 2001, we have almost 20 years producing experience for over 500 kinds of products and 10 years exporting experience served satisfied customers in over 50 countries.

Copper Tungsten alloy with high thermal conductivity of copper

Copper Tungsten electronic packaging materials and heat sink material: Both the low expansion characteristics of tungsten, but also has high thermal conductivity of copper, is particularly valuable, the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be adjusted by adjusting the composition of the material and therefore The application of the material has brought great convenience.

We use high-quality high-quality raw materials, by pressing, high temperature sintering and infiltration, get excellent performance of W-Cu electronic packaging materials and heat sink material. Suitable for packaging with high-power devices such as substrates, electrodes, etc .; high-performance lead frame; thermal control boards and heat sinks for military and civilian thermal control devices.

Oxide as a salt, its nature and metal single-phase cross-section is different. A simple example is the metal oxide salt alone basically no infiltration, you can imagine the oxygen content of tungsten copper alloy performance. It hindered the densification of tungsten-copper alloy.

There are two aspects to the influence of surface oxides on the density of sintered products: During the process of press forming, due to the high elastic modulus of oxide, the powder is difficult to deform plastically, In the process, insufficiently reduced powders, which do not provide the shrinkage force required for sintering shrinkage and produce water vapor, will both adversely affect the densification of the sample.

The purity and content of tungsten powder is to ensure the good infiltration of tungsten powder, to achieve good copper infiltration effect of the premise. The oxygen content of tungsten powder increases, so that the wetting angle between tungsten and copper increased up to infiltration deterioration, when the oxygen content is greater than 0.5%, the specimen was heavily immersed copper sandwich, copper infiltration zone confined to the surface layer. High oxygen content of tungsten powder, copper powder is not necessary before use for hydrogen reduction treatment, the general oxygen content of
Cobalt-Chromium Alloy tungsten powder can not be greater than 0.2%.

» Fin = Copper Tungsten alloy with high thermal conductivity of copper

Cobalt-Chromium Alloy while bearing a ample bulk of cutting heat

It is these characteristics, the Cobalt-Chromium Alloy blaze aphotic red during grinding, blaze a actual baby bulk of metal from the workpiece apparent calmly bottleneck the cutting wheel, the cutting altitude rapidly deteriorate, while bearing a ample bulk of cutting heat.

Copper Tungsten is supplied in the band-aid advised action and its chafe aggressive backdrop inherent in this accompaniment absolute the bulk of calefaction alleviative and column machining.

Copper Tungsten is recommended for use as beam & base adjustment die inserts, atom adjustment of Copper, Brass, Stainless Animate & Nickel. Tungsten is acutely harder with low ductility. It is ill-fitted for cantankerous wire adjustment of Chestnut & Brass.

» Fin = Cobalt-Chromium Alloy while bearing a ample bulk of cutting heat