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How paper cups benefit us

12/6/2018 - Introduction knowledge of paper cups

Disposable paper cup manufacturers introduce knowledge of paper cups
At present, disposable paper cups can be divided into three kinds according to purposes: cold drink cups, hot drink cups, and ice cream cups; and coatings applied according to paper cups can also be divided into three types: wax cups, polyethylene coated cups, and straight-walled double-layer cups. Wax cup coated with a layer of the inner surface
 At present, disposable paper cups can be divided into three kinds according to purposes: cold drink cups, hot drink cups, and paper ice cream bowls; and coatings applied according to paper cups can also be divided into three types: wax cups, polyethylene coated cups, and straight-walled double-layer cups. The inner surface of wax coated cups is coated with a layer of wax for waterproofing; the polyethylene coated cups are covered with a thin layer of polyethylene on the walls of the cups; the cup walls of the straight walled double layered cups have two layers of paper. Air, good heat insulation.

Wax cups use paraffin. Paraffin wax does melt, so the waxing cup can only be used as a cold drink cup. To make a hot drink cup, you need to add another layer of lotion. This is a straight wall double cup. Polyethylene coated cups are new processes that make cold drinks and hot drinks. At present, polyethylene coated film cups have taken up most of the market, but paraffin cups and straight-walled double-layer cups are still sold.
The nets used paraffin cups to hold hot water at temperatures above 40°C, and the paraffin melted. This data is inaccurate. According to the paper cup's industry standard "QB 2294-2006 paper cup" requirements for paper cup performance, the minimum melting point of the qualified waxing cup should be 52 °C. Qualified paraffin cups use paraffin, and paraffin itself does not harm the human body. However, other harmful substances may be mixed in the process of making paper cups. Therefore, it is best not to use hot drinks in hot cups.

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8/6/2018 - Analysis of industry prospects about paper cups

Analysis of industry prospects about paper cups
    The promotion of paper cups first started in the late 1970s. At this stage, the strength of the paper can basically reach the level of replacing the tin cans and aluminum cans. At the same time, the sanitary quality of the paper food packaging materials has been greatly improved, thereby bringing a very good development prospect for paper products.
    The rapid development of paper cup manufacturing is mainly reflected in the convenience and rapidity of the application of the paper cup itself. At present, paper cups have been widely used in some quick drinks services such as conference reception, office self-service drinking, catering services, sports and entertainment activities. Its convenience is mainly reflected in the one-time use of its application. Compared with plastic cups, it is easier to compress and take up more space, and the paper cup is also easier to accept on the senses. The quickness of the paper cup corresponds to its convenience. The paper cup has the characteristics of being easy to take, easy to put, and easy to transport. It is easy to handle after use, and can reduce a lot of extra work. In addition, the use of paper cups is self-serving, which at the same time embodies both the convenience and fastness of paper cups. Many people in the outside world are inconvenient to carry cups with them. Paper cups can solve people's difficulties in "looking for water" in many places and eliminate people's concerns about drinking tools. Therefore, the market prospect of paper cups is considerable.
Plastic cups are more hygienic and environmentally friendly, while paper cups are also good for recycling. Given that the disposable cups currently on the market mainly consist of paper cups and plastic cups, there is a comparison between water cups and plastic cups. At present, some of the main raw materials for drinking cups on the market are PVC. PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. After polymerization, the product contains residual chlorine, which is very toxic. Due to the use of lead and salt as stabilizers in PVC materials, heavy metals may precipitate during use, thereby directly contaminating drinking water. The main material of most regular disposable plastic drinking cups is pp (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene), or pe (polyethylene) raw materials, and this pure plastic disposable cup is difficult to recycle, and some small shops It is also reused only after simple treatment by the guest, so the cup is not hygienic or environmentally friendly in many cases. The main raw materials of paper cups are PE coated paper or PLA coated paper. Some manufacturers also introduced bio-degradable G-type drinking paper cups. Although the degradability of paper cups produced by some manufacturers has been questioned, it is faster and more environmentally friendly. It is constantly being promoted and the market prospects are very promising. Recently, British Biodegradable Packaging Corporation (BIOPAC) has specially made a paper biodegradable beverage cup for Red Bull Soft Drink, which is specially used for large-scale outdoor activities and beverage supplies for large-scale sports events. It has been widely recognized by the public. In addition, paper cups are more easily recycled than plastic cups, and their concept of development is constantly being promoted, making them greener and more environmentally friendly, and their market prospects are also broader. The rapid development of the paper cup industry also benefits from its low production costs. Analyzed by some professionals, the production cost of a single paper cup
    Most of them are less than 0.038 yuan, and the production process of paper cups is relatively simple. The transportation and storage of raw materials are also relatively convenient and easy. The relative requirements are also relatively low, and the control of logistics is also easy to grasp. Paper cups are not only relatively inexpensive, but also have a relatively low recovery cost and are easier to recycle. This has been widely recognized, and this is an important factor that will determine its better market prospects.

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