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Jack Jones opened a "new Big Mac" store

Posté le 25/1/2019 à 08:37 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

The apparel retail industry is in an important period of transformation. How to seize the opportunity to find new growth points becomes the key to whether the brand can break the traditional ceiling.

On January 18th, the Danish fashion brand Jack Jones JACK & JONES brand new Nordic flagship store officially opened in Dalian Footaction Promotion Codes Roosevelt Square, while releasing the 2019 early spring series of new products. Brand friend Liu Tong and Jack Jones Greater China Vice President Xu Donghong jointly cut the ribbon for the new flagship store.

Xu Donghong said that the opening of Jack Jones' Dalian flagship store in Roosevelt Square means that the brand has fully opened the store 6.0 era. As a Danish fashion brand, Jack Jones is paying more attention to the market in the new retail era while providing Chinese consumers with the trend of fashion frontiers. Variety.

According to the data, the flagship store of Jack Jones Roosevelt Square covers an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters. The store design retains the minimalist Nordic style and blends with the brand's tough, modern and modern urban texture. Xu Donghong emphasized that in the increasingly fierce market competition, physical stores are not only simple to sell goods, but more importantly, to convey the lifestyle and concept of the brand to consumers, so as to better enable consumers to have emotional connections to the brand.

To this end, Jack Jones Roosevelt Square flagship store is mainly through the simple and design of Nordic furniture, smooth line structure to distinguish different products, respectively, to showcase the brand's classic business and leisure series, urban sports series and denim series. Unlike the regular store, the flagship store has added "Brand Co-lab" and "Season area" areas to showcase the Jack Jones cross-border collaboration series and the designer's selection of seasonal products.

Using high-tech to improve the shopping experience of consumer entities is also the core of the Jack Jones store 6.0 era. The flagship store's main window is made up of five borderless HD LED screens, and the holographic projection is broken by the static display mode of posters.

Jack Jones also set up an interactive screen at the entrance of the new store, which can effectively analyze the consumption habits of Jack Jones members through smart face recognition technology, and provide consumers with more direct and quick advice. In addition to the interactive dressing experience, the interactive screen features online call guides, basic membership information, and a smart payment system to make the purchase process easier for consumers.

In addition, the completely open and transparent design of the Jack Jones flagship store, low-density product display, denim DIY custom fun interactive equipment, interactive lounge area with coffee and more intimate VIP locker room attract consumers to the brand itself. Exploring desire and curiosity.

In fact, Jack Jones is a brand that grows with the millennial generation. Jack Jones was founded in 1989 by the Denmark BESTSELLER Group. The first physical store opened in Trondheim, Norway in 1991. It is divided into three series: Business Leisure, Urban Sports and Cowboy Pioneer.

With European design style and rich products, Jack Jones gradually attracted the attention of male consumers who are pursuing fashion, and quickly expanded the store layout to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. As a leader of modern Nordic fashion and trend men's wear, Jack Jones, who has accumulated a certain number of loyal fans, has become the most important growth engine for the men's wear business.

But at a time when the cost of physical stores is rising, no matter which brand is in the process of formulating a new store plan, they have to be more cautious, and the reason why Jack Jones dares to open such a "big Mac" store at this node is hidden behind The brand itself has a full grasp of the Chinese market.

In 2000, Jack Jones officially entered the Chinese market, which was at the initial stage of the burgeoning fashion concept of Chinese male consumers. Jack Jones, who is based on the Nordic lifestyle, played an important role as a fashion enlightener, and was once seen by the students at that time. A symbol of status.

Therefore, after entering China, Jack Jones has always been ahead of the market in the menswear industry and still holds an absolute advantage. After nearly 20 years of deep cultivation and development, Jack Jones currently has more than 2,000 direct stores in China and has always maintained a leading sales advantage in the industry.

In 2015, Zhizhi Group launched the OMS global inventory system, through the algorithm to complete a large number of orders, orders, split orders, routing, delivery and other processes, to achieve online and next shipments, no matter which channel consumers buy, Shipped on a first-come-first-served basis, which greatly improves operational efficiency and effectively reduces inventory levels.

Jack Jones also realized the importance of the store experience very early. In 2015, he co-founded the first offline immersive experience store with Danish headset brand Bang & Olufsen, combining technology and clothing in two seemingly unrelated areas.

In March last year, Jack Jones took the lead in launching a dedicated e-commerce platform “WeMall” in Beijing stores, aiming to make store sales no longer limited by time, space and goods, and to continue to operate customers who leave the store. Thereby realizing online and offline multi-channel traffic realization.

From a global inventory system, an immersive experience, to a series of digital innovations such as smart stores and interactive fitting rooms, Jack Jones has always been aware of new technology and apparel retail, and is regarded by the industry as a domestic retail industry. Textbook.

Some analysts pointed out that Jack Jones has introduced high-tech and "WeMall" and other new things into physical stores in stages to realize the seamless connection between online and offline retail channels. While embracing new things, it is also subtly letting consumers get used to this. A new model, when the three elements of product, consumer psychology and consumption scene are unified, the retail link is opened, and the online and offline logic can be better combined.

In addition to working hard at the store, Jack Jones has another move. In 2018, Jack Jones introduced the new brand idea of ​​“Let the life be advanced and interesting” and invited Cannes actress Mads Mikkelsen and domestic artist Deng Lun to act as spokespersons.

According to Xu Donghong, while continuing to build a new version of the store, Jack Jones will adhere to the "fashionable and interesting" positioning, and cooperate with more designers and artists to provide consumers with a steady stream of freshness. She stressed that Jack Jones will continue to explore and research, making fashion more technological and versatile.

In a fickle environment, it is always possible to maintain a sense of crisis to gain an advantage. Jack Jones, who knows this well, will obviously not stop there. The new cut in the apparel field has just been opened. Through the product and service experience, this post-90 brand It will further deepen China's young market and build a new pattern of fashion retail.

LV Bag Faded Paint Strange Air?

Posté le 18/1/2019 à 08:26 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

With the rapid development of China in recent decades, there are more and more wealthy people in China, and the desire of Chinese people to purchase luxury goods is getting stronger and stronger. Although luxury goods are Romwe Coupon Code expensive, they still can't resist the love of Chinese people for luxury goods. Chinese luxury goods have strong purchasing power. According to the data given in the China Report Hall, 50% of the world's luxury goods are bought by the Chinese. Chinese people go abroad to travel, "buy, buy, buy." With the hot sale of luxury goods, the quality problems of luxury goods are also worrying, and there is no guarantee after sale.

Mr. Wang has purchased two international luxury brands Louis Vuitton (LV) handbags. I thought I could buy a good quality package for a big price, but I didn’t expect two “10,000 yuan packages” to fade, paint, etc. problem. What makes him even more incredible is that the above phenomenon will occur after the replacement of the store. According to Mr. Wang, for the phenomenon of frequent fading and falling paint on handbags, the explanation given by Louis Vuitton counter personnel is because of water and soil and air quality problems. As soon as this news came out, the netizens spit out: "There is no one in this shabu-shabu."

According to Mr. Wang, "After buying this bag, it is usually not very useful. But after using it twice, the handle will fall off the paint; there is a handbag, which is clipped on the body, and the shirt will also stick black things. They have been testing for more than a month, then told me to change the accessories and replace the handle. This time it was replaced free of charge."

It is understood that Mr. Wang's handbag was purchased in January 2017 in Hangzhou, and spent more than 10,000 yuan in the purchase of the paint. In May of that year, the LV counter located in Vientiane City was found to be negotiated, and the other party changed it at that time. However, this newly-replaced handbag has been used for about three or four months, and the same problem has arisen. Not only that, Mr. Wang also said that his other LV handbag also had the problem of discoloration. This handbag was bought by him in Macau for more than 8,000 yuan. So, he can only find LV counters. The other party said that this repair will be paid for repairs, on the grounds that it has passed the three-pack period. Mr. Wang believes that “the bags are all in the same position and there is a discoloration. I think they have problems with the quality. I thought that the price is high and the quality is good. I know that it is not as good as the outside.”

For the LV bag always fades, Mr. Wang said that the other party gave an explanation: "Shanghai (headquarters) alone said, you don't wear a white shirt, don't fade. There is also a handle, he said it is China. The problem of water and soil, saying that our air quality is not good." This statement makes Mr. Wang more angry. Later, the staff of Louis Vuitton's Shanghai headquarters public relations department responded to the media: "Every product of LV is made of plant dyes, so there may be occasions when there will be color loss. We also have Remind. It can only be said that the individual use is different or the temperature is high or low. It may affect the temperature difference and humidity."

It is understood that at present, Louis Vuitton Shanghai Headquarters promised to replace the parts for Mr. Wang handbags free of charge. However, the problem of color loss of another package needs to be sent to the Shanghai headquarters for testing and then a reply.

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