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      16/3/2018 - Rust is formed through the process called oxidation
      Where does rust come from? Is it made to primarily destroy your metal goods? Is it set to eat the objects that you love? Does it come from the air and just magically appear on your steel or iron frames? Is it an evil speck of material set to ruin anything that is metal steel and iron? Is it set to make your possessions go to waste? Is it out there to make you cry? Were they made to ruin your dreams of recycling, say an old tray or an old bicycle? Stop the drama and snap out of your soap opera engines because rust removal products are made to help you solve these problems.

      Rust is formed through the process called oxidation. Once exposed in subjects such as moist, water, salts, vinegar or other acidic materials, a reaction occurs and thus, rust is formed. The more rust is ignored the faster it spreads free. The thicker the rust, the longer and harder is the process to remove it and to each process is the strength of the chemicals used. But did you know that these minor problems can be solved by rust removers on a can? Yes! Not only they are handy and would not require mixing processes, they give you the convenience of not lifting your finger in fixing rust problems! Unlike old school rust removers, these spray canned rust removers are handy; bring it in your car and your set to combat rust.

      However, you cannot just fight rust till you die. After beating it, you need to protect your items, coat them with the sealants that are available. They are usually made of non porous materials that ensure no moist nor oxidants will enter your newly rust ridden steel. There are a lot of websites that suggest steps on how to do both processes for major and minor rust problems. Websites also suggest the best from the worst, the most expensive to the cheapest, the most effective from the least effective and the toxic to the not. Toxicity is high strength fastener important if fasteners suppliers you are going to put this product for home use, so you better not forget to consider that, especially if you have kids at home. You do not want to be blind sided with the importance of this caution. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. It is more expensive to bring an intoxicated kid to the hospital rather than removing rust from old goods. Not being smart on this does not make sense.

      So pull out your old stored goods, those metal chains, those steel bracelets and iron bars that you can still recycle. But only choose the best rust removal products and start treating your items for them to be re used. Rusted but useful materials are not for throwing. They should be rust treated and protected as they age. Seal them as much as possible after rust removing and they will be of great use for years. And in a moment, your old metal and iron objects that were neglected will be transformed back to being lovable objects.

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      9/3/2018 - A tension ring will undergo a work hardening process
      Tension settings have become extremely popular over the last couple of years due to the chic, modern look of them. But lately there has been a backlash of individuals who dont think tension settings quite make the grade for securing the two-months salary that sits in them.

      Judah Gutwein of Excel Diamonds, an online diamond retailer, says the company does not sell diamond tension settings. A recent thread on quoted him as saying, it [the tension setting] will not (and cannot) protect the integrity of your diamond the same way that a 4/6 prong setting will. Many experts say that this type of ring does not give adequate protection to your diamond, especially if it is bumped or banged against a hard enough surface.

      Others in the industry disagree they say that a tension setting is actually stronger than a prong setting so the stone will actually be more secure. In tension settings, the whole ring holds the stone, doing away with prongs, channels, bezels, or other enclosures. Advocates of tension settings compare a stone being held in place by the ring itself, to a stone being held in place by a claw just a fortieth of an inch high strength fastener thick (in prong settings).

      So how exactly does tension setting work? A tension ring will undergo a work hardening process, which includes special alloying, hardening, and pressure treatment to ensure super strength. threaded rod 3d printer This process gives the metal a springiness that actually grips and holds onto the diamond. Each end of the metal is then given a groove called the seat into which the girdle of the diamond fits. The rings are made with two to three times more metal than traditional rings because the more metal, the stronger it will be. (This also accounts for the higher price tag in tension set rings.)

      Jim Schultz, owner of, a professional online jeweler, has worn a tension set wedding ring for years. He says he is not worried at all about the structural integrity of his ring because his diamond is well protected by the design. JamesAllen displays close to 40 different tension set designs on its website, which Schultz says are some of his most popular rings. He says the common fear of tension settings should not be that the stone will fall out, but that too much of the girdle will be exposed, making it easier to damage. For this very reason, every diamond should be insured, regardless of the mounting, says Schultz.

      So whether you chose a classic prong or a trendy tension setting, think about the past and the future. Make sure the ring has been made strong by a good design and that it has insurance to withstand lifes whoops.

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