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Know the new disposable cups for now


Mainly talk about the disposable cups like pet cup,paper cup,pp cup and others

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Have a glass of freshly squeezed home made fruit juice every day

A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice provides naturally occurring phytonutrients like vitamins and minerals that contribute to good health. Have a glass of freshly squeezed home made fruit juice every day.

3 Learn to resist temptations on unhealthy eating.

2 Include more fruits in your daily diet.Living healthy is always a personal choice we have to make in order to enjoy vibrant healthy living. One hundred percent fruit juices can play an important role in your daily diet because they offer great taste and a variety of nutrients found naturally in fruits. Try as you may, eating the regular balanced diet at the dining table cannot give you the adequate amount of nutrients your cells need for optimal health.

10 Supplements and Vitamins.

4 Exercise on the go. I usually compare living healthy with the Ten Commandments the Creator prescribes for us to experience holy living.

6 Go nuts. These have great health benefits. Don't eat after seven pm. Because of Disposable PAPER cup Manufacturers soil depletion, chemicals added to aid production, the processing of food stuff for longer shelf life all contribute to poor nutrition which necessitate the supplementation of our diet.

1 Water, water, water.

9 Eat less later in the day. Nuts are also high in plant lipids and sterols - good fat - but mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 fatty acids the good fat) which have all been shown to lower LDL cholesterol

7 Say yes to freshly squeezed juice. You are always far better off eating something natural that comes directly from a living plant instead of from a manufactured plant. They are rich in fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidant such as Vitamin E and selenium. Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out. It helps flush the body to get rid of some of the toxic waste that we absorb through various point of the body, such as the skin, the mouth, the eyes, the ears, the nostrils. The antioxidants from fruits help to prepare the immune system to protect the body against invading germs and bacteria. Avoid going to junk food shops with your work mates. Eat a handful of nuts instead of those sweet artificial flavored snacks. These ten unerring tips for healthy living are designed to optimize your vibrancy and feel-good energy level. Enjoy a pint of filtered water at room temperature first thing in the morning. Your last meal should be three to four hours before you retire to bed. Breathing deeply is a simple and effective exercise to add to your healthy living lifestyle. Here are some of the suggested herbal tea benefits you can get when you consume on a daily basis: Achieve a more calm, relaxed state of mind; support heart health; aid with stomach and digestive problems; provide cleansing properties for the body and promote energy and wellness.

5 Drink herbal teas, they are healthy substitutes for coffee. This is very necessary if your lifestyle is more or less sedentary. Your heaviest meals should be between breakfast and lunch. These juices are fat-free, nutrient-dense beverages that are rich in antioxidants to fight those free radicals in the body. Your body is seventy five percent water, therefore adequate amount every day is crucial for every cell to function effectively. Practice the habit of paying conscious attention to your breathing, lengthening and deepening the drawing in of oxygen, nourishes every cell of your body and promotes relaxation. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee or gossiping with your colleague, invite him for a five minute walk. Eating nuts give you one of the best plant sources of protein.

. You get more absorbable nutrients that the cells will be happy to receive. Deep exhalation and inhalation will help to get rid of stale air and toxins in your lungs. Create a slot of five to twenty minutes in your day to exercise the entire body, especially the internal organs.

8 Develop the habit of deep breathing

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Useful tip when you have a large task to do

You need to eliminate the time wasters. While increased productivity is a natural outcome of good time management, the ideal result is a disposable smoothie cup balance between work and personal life. Review this log and be honest with yourself. You can do this by recording all your activities in a day and how much time you spend in each activity. If you need to finish grading papers do not wait until the last minute to do so because quality always suffers with cramming.

Another useful tip when you have a large task to do is to break it down into smaller tasks so it becomes more manageable and less daunting. Below are some tips on time management for teachers:

First, determine your activities that are just a waste of time or those that consume too much of your time. When you know which tasks are the most important then you can arrange you schedule to make sure those tasks get done first. Delegating routine tasks to a school admin staff or even a student is also a good idea.

Priority-setting is a key aspect of time management for teachers or for other professionals. The goal of time management for teachers is not necessarily push them to do more and more work.

Students are often guilt of procrastination but many teachers are, too. You might make some mistakes in checking the papers, which can result to complaints from students and parents. That is why it is very important for teachers to make the time for themselves whether it is taking a quick stroll or having a quick cup of coffee in a nearby shop.


Oftentimes, time management for teachers becomes a problem for the simple reason of not being able to say no. For example, if your hands are already full because you are part of three school committees then do not accept another special project because you will end up spreading yourself thin and then you become less effective.However, just like in any profession, time management for teachers is necessary because if they fail to finish their task on time it will negatively affect their performance in the classroom or the quality of their teaching

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