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Here you can find charming layered hair styles.

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      8/8/2013 - Elena Or Katherine - Nina Dobrev Hairstyles By

      It is so tough to spend all the time waiting for the 5th season of The Vampire Diaries. Maybe the screenwriter loves the game of doppelgangers so that she made Stephan the doppelganger of Silas. Well, after all, it is hard to satisfy all the fans with new and striking stories.

      While waiting, I searched Nina Dobrev’s hairstyles. I have found that in real life, she is sometimes cute Elena and sometimes evil Katherine. Is this the reason why she played the roles so vividly?

      I am particularly attracted to her layered hairstyles with which she has shown her stunning natural beauty.

      Nina Dobrev Layered Straight Hair 
      This is the Elena side of Nina Dobrev.

      EvaWigs Nina Dobrev Layered Hairstyle

      Nina Dobrev's long hair is cut with layered ends from the jaw down. The layers in cascading lengths are so smooth. The toffee hue enhances the hairdo with amazing purity. No one can resist such a sweet hairstyle.?

      EvaWigs Nina Dobrev Layered Hairstyle

      A deep side division is nice, too. The heavier section covers the most appropriate portion of the forehead and hence frames the face so beautifully. When the wind blows, the layers fly in a magnificent manner.

      EvaWigs Nina Dobrev Layered Hairstyle

      See what Nina Dobrev gets with the silky straight hair. A waterfall braid is befitting for the smooth hair texture and gives her a crown made of a delicate braid. The cute layers are laying everywhere in a messy manner and look so adorable. has so many straight human hair full lace wigs. These Elena styles are feasible on you with our wigs. If you sign up on our website now, you will get a $15 coupon right away!

      Nina Dobrev Layered Wavy Hair 
      This is the Katherine side of Nina Dobrev.

      EvaWigs Nina Dobrev Layered Hairstyle 

      Is this what Katherine looks like when she wears a cute smile? Elena is the leading role, but I personally love Katherine more.

      This wavy hairdo with graceful layers are so attractive. You can see that each lock of waves form a layer. With the seductive hair sheen and the super gorgeous makeup, Katherine in this style is lovely.

      EvaWigs Nina Dobrev Layered Hairstyle

      Nina Dobrev demonstrates the maturity that is beyond her age with this hairstyle. The waves are floating by the face curve and create an elegant shape. The center division contributes to the symmetric beauty.

      EvaWigs Nina Dobrev Layered Hairstyle

      Real Katherine here. This is a TV still from TVD. Waves climbing from top to the hair ends are amazingly orderly. The layers are cascading one by one to give her hair an airy look. Nina Dobrev owns a pretty face and a perfect body, and she is talented in acting. Hope her career will keep advancing to a higher level.

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      2/8/2013 - Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyles Collection By

      Octavia Spencer, the winner of the Best Supporting Actress at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, is more like one of us. She was not born with amazing beauty or sexy figure. But you and I will never forget her wonderful performance in “The Help” for which she was awarded a lot.


      Octavia Spencer is not pretty in a conventional sense, but her talent and ability ensure her more inner beauty and cute sense. Probably that is the reason why we resonate to her more than to the other actresses.


      Her looks under the spotlight or in daily life both set outstanding examples for black women. We will watch some layered hairstyles of her. You will be stunned by the beauty of the ordinary which can also happen to you and me.


      Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyle with Slight Curls

      Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyle EvaWigs

      Really cute! Looks like a picture taken when Octavia Spencer was young. Her hair in glaring dark black color looks smooth with shiny hue. Her youth energy is fully demonstrated through the bouncy hair texture. The center division surprisingly suits her round and lovely face with an appropriate hair length. The slightly wavy layers by both sides make her appear sweet. Together with her smile, this look is stunning and you should copy it.


      Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyle with Slight Waves

      Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyle EvaWigs

      Seems that Octavia Spencer loves medium length hair and yep, this length is quite suitable for her. The messy layers of this hair are placed freely by two sides and create a plump appearance. In pair with her plump face, the slight waves seem casual and super airy. Heavy front bangs frame her face well and highlight her beautiful eyes. Love her pink cape so much!


      Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyle in Half Updo

      Octavia Spencer Layered Hairstyle EvaWigs

      Octavia Spencer is also good at displaying versatile feelings. This half updo carried by her is elegant and ladylike. A high bun on the top elongates the vertical length visually and balances her face width properly. Deep and elastic curls around her large teardrop earrings are graceful. Front bangs are sleek and framing her face into a smaller shape. For black women, this is a perfect hairstyle for formal occasions.


      Come to to get a medium length human hair full lace wig and just start to embellish your ordinary beauty like Octavia Spencer does. You will get a $15 coupon if you sign up now. So what are you waiting for? Just do it!

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