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Gil Making Strategies: Know The Economy

Posté le 15/6/2015 à 09:36 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

Just like the real world, players can make fast, easy Buy FFXIV Gil if they simply pay attention to the economy of the game. Item values will fluctuate up and down on a regular basis. People who keep an eye on these trends can buy items when they are low, and sell them as they go back up. A risky maneuver, but if you play it safe, it can be a steady stream of Gil. Another big tip for making quick, small amounts of gil is: Players pay for convenience! A quick buck can be made buy purchasing items from an NPC and reselling them on the Market Board. When Crafters get in the zone, they don't want to be bothered with teleporting around to find the cheapest materials. They will pay a premium to get it quickly, and that is where you come in. Go to NPC's and purchase mass amounts of low cost items, like Leather, or Cotton. Sell it on the Market board for a few FFXIV Gil more per item than you paid, and sit back and watch as you make an easy 1-2k FFXIV Gil.

Leviathan:final fantasy summons

Posté le 13/6/2015 à 15:03 - 0 Commentaires - poster un commentaire - Lien

The Final Fantasy XV Gil: Episode Duscae demo offered a brief but exciting glimpse into what the 2016 (hopefully) game will deliver. I expected the visuals or combat style to be the coolest part of the demo, but was absolutely blown away when I summoned Ramuh. What I witnessed was one of the greatest, most exciting moments in my long-running Final Fantasy career. Considering the fact that Ramuh is typically a early level, low-damaging summon, the other summons in FFXV are likely to be insane. Ramuh got the Final Fantasy aficionados at Power Up Gaming thinking about the summons that we rely on the most, and the ones that we think are, hands down, just the best. So, whether we call them Eidolons, Aeons, Espers, or Guardian Forces, here are the summons that we think kick the most ass. Leviathan Leviathan made his first appearance in Final Fantasy II, but was not available as a summon until FFIII. Leviathan is awesome thanks to his raw power and brutal Tsunami/Tidal Wave attack. Water magic is not a very common element in Final Fantasy, but if you find an enemy who is weak to water, Leviathan will easily finish him off and drag him down to the depths of the sea. In FFVIII, Leviathan is capable of instantly killing some enemies, while in FFIX (like other summons in the game), its power is multiplied with the number of Aquamarine stones in the inventory. Leviathan is, more or less, the FF equivalent of the Kraken, so it is entirely appropriate to yell its name every time that you Buy FFXIV Gil unleash it.
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