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Technavio: Table Tennis Equipment Market to Resist the Racket Segment25/1/2018
The worldwide table tennis equipment market is expected to reach USD 649.6 million by 2020, increasing at a CAGR of more than 2 percent, reports Technavio.

The team noted its research report titled, 'International Table Tennis Equipment Market 2016-2020,' provides a comprehensive evaluation of the market in terms of revenue and emerging market trends. To figure out the market dimensions, the report has taken into consideration the earnings generated to sports organizers, clubs and pubs, and individual best ping pong paddles customers.

Table tennis is the most popular in Asia-Pacific (APAC) with over 350 million gamers in 2015. This sport is transforming into a sport in america, which now has 17 million gamers in 2015, compared to nearly 15 million gamers in 2006. Even in the united kingdom, more than two million individuals had played recreational table tennis in 2015.The marketplace has amount of expansion factors, among the most significant being a global growth in the amount of development applications by table tennis associations like ITTF and Table Tennis England, to promote regular participation. The increasing popularity of table tennis as a recreational game in many nations like the US is still another reason.

As per a release, Technavio's consumer and retail analysts stipulate that the international table tennis equipment market into three big products segments. They are:-Racket-Ball-Table-Others Global table tennis equipment market shares by product (2020) Product Market shares (percent) Racket 58.68 percentage Ball 19.59 percent Table 17.34 percent Others 4.45 percent

Global dining table tennis racket market. The table tennis racket marketplace is expected to reach USD 380.8 million by 2020, posting a CAGR of over 2%. As the racket plays a key part in the sport the dining table tennis racket, which is also referred to as bat and paddle, is the biggest segment in the table tennis equipment market. The racket includes rubber and blades that could be replaceable.

Innovation in the rubber and blade is among those tendencies from the racket section. In 2014, STIGA published Pro Carbon was called by a racket for players. It utilizes the speed and spin to grow. The section includes a replacement cycle for beginner and intermediate players. Clubs and pubs give out rackets on rental, which is a significant reason for the absence of possession of rackets by gamers.

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International table tennis ball market. The table tennis ball market is the second largest segment on the marketplace in 2015 with a market share of almost 20 percent. The ball section is the fastest growing class from the table tennis equipment marketplace as the replacement cycle of ball is quick. In an average, the ball is replaced every 2-3 sets. Change from the ball regulations by ITTF has a major impact on its development. According to the rule, all celluloid balls are to be substituted with plastic balls of 40 millimeter in all ITTF tournaments. "The ITTF hasn't fully prohibited celluloid balls, therefore these balls are still utilized in many non-ITTF games. The need of the hour is innovation in the plastic balls, as they are not as durable as celluloid balls," says Mantri Charan Kumar, a lead retail merchandise and services research analyst in Technavio.

International table tennis table marketThe table tennis table segment accounted for a market share of over 17 percent in 2015. The table tennis table marketplace can last over 10 decades, and is reporting expansion compared to ball and racket markets as it is by far the most durable solution. Table Tennis England's initiative to increase involvement has had a significant impact in the nation by involvement. Another driver of the segment is the adoption of table tennis in the united states, particularly for a leisure and gathering sports in pubs and clubs.

"The sharing of the table by many people and the preference of renting rather than purchasing a table are hindering the growth opportunities in the market. One of the trends is innovation by tracking movements in table tennis, which provides analysis and real-time data for players best ping pong robot. The execution of these analytics at the table will be a growing trend," adds Mantri. The best sellers emphasized by Technavio's research workers in this record are:-Butterfly-Double Happiness-DONIC-JOOLA-STIGAMore details and complete details:
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Ping pong players moved to Las Vegas10/1/2018

U.S. table tennis players moved to Las Vegas on December 16-20, 1998, to struggle for top honors and spots on the international competing team. Squad selection for future championships started here, so the team selected may represent the U.S. in the Paralympic Games in Sydney (2000). Although the event had only two newcomers, veterans were as extreme as always.

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Play began on Wednesday morning with all the singles events. Few surprises came from the day, but a number of the new players made strong feelings. The Class 1 winner continued to function as Sebastian DeFrancesco, who had a win against Joe Quigg. Previous Class 2 victor Ken Brooks was sidelined early with an injury. This enabled others to close in on the title. Brett Weymouth overcame Raul Pernites, while Stef Florescu was strong against his younger competition. James Hall took the Class 3 triumph, beating veteran Martin Young. With Courses 4 and 5 combined, two rivals, Andre Scott and Mike Dempsey, butted heads for its trophy; Scott came out victorious. Charles Focht and newcomer John Violante played strongly against the two former Paralympians.

The Women's Doubles competition crowned Jennifer Johnson and Debby Quigg over Terese Terranova and Terry Tierney. Back in Tetraplegic Doubles, DeFrancesco and Joe Quigg beat out tough Class 2 players Pernites and Weymouth. Tierney and Florescu were a close third. Men's Doubles winners were Scott and Dempsey, with Hall and DeFrancesco second.

The Tetraplegic Open was filled with temptations and surprises, with round-robin wins ascertaining the results of this hotly contested event. After the smoke cleared, Pernites won the coveted name, DeFrancesco was second, and Joe Quigg third.

From the Women's Wheelchair Open, Johnson took top honors, Debby Quigg was instant, and Tierney ended third. The Men's Wheelchair Open matched up--for the second time in this tournament--the best United States gamers: Dempsey and Scott, with the latter carrying the win.

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Although this marked the fifth year of running events for players with disabilities in USA Table Tennis (USATT) National Championships, it's the first time the games were fully included in all management aspects--time scheduling, attracts, and umpiring. While many problems remain to be worked out, all these efforts are paying off. Thanks to the USATT staff and officials for their assistance and support.

Contact: American Wheelchair Table Tennis Association, 23 Parker Street, Port Chester, NY 10573. -LRB-914-RRB- 937-3932. If you want to have an unforgettable adventure holiday in 1999, this Wilderness Inquiry (WI) trip could possibly be the one. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, see the aboriginal tablelands sea kayak the tropical Hinchinbrook Island, a world-class destination off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Hinchinbrook Island is renowned among sea kayakers as a "must see" place. The rugged skyline is capped by the volcanic heart of Mt. Bowen, which rises right from the sea and towers over a rain forest wilderness and mangrove-lined shorelines. Waterfalls, tropical rain forests, precipitous headlands, coral reefs, and secluded beaches provide a breathtaking backdrop for sea kayakers. Sea eagles, manta rays, giant turtles, dolphins, and tropical fish enhance the vista.

You will travel in safe and secure touring kayaks--no previous kayaking experience is required. WI staff will teach you how to kayak and camp, in addition to discuss the natural history of the area. A high staff-to-participant ratio, quality equipment, and fantastic food helps to ensure you will have the best trip ping pong robot reviews.

The price is $1,995, including accommodation, equipment, staff, and food. Round-trip airfare between Cairns, Australia, and Los Angeles is approximately $1,100. Dates for the journey are September 1-15.
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